Make the Difference – Stories from Some of the Winners

Make the Difference – Stories from Some of the Winners

Celebrating 60 years of Making Pet Food with the Local Community

Simon Knott decided to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Melton Mars Petcare factory in the U.K. by putting on a fun and educational event for 600 children at a local primary school. The event was designed to inform children about how the Melton factory and Mars Petcare business operate and build closer ties with the local community.

The day started with an assembly that covered Mars’ global environmental commitments, the impact of manufacturing and an interactive energy awareness quiz, and ended with a competition where teams had to create and pitch a pet care product. The children visited four booths run by Associates from the Melton site. Each had a different theme: brand, teamwork, corporate responsibility and pet nutrition. We then asked teams of children to design and label a product, decide on ingredients and communicate their company values.

The day was a great success and is serving as a model for community engagement with local schools. Simon, who used to work in packaging at the Melton Mars factory, is now on a six month assignment as a Make the Difference Ambassador, rolling out his project to other Mars sites.

Sequencing of the Cacao Genome

In 2010, Mars Associates Howard Yana Shapiro and Juan Carlos Motamayor Arias partnered with the IBM and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on a two-year effort to sequence and annotate the cocoa genome. This work will help to increase the yields of cocoa farmers – improving their way of life and their future.

Measuring for Sustainability at our Bolton Food Plant

Craig Heffernan and Peter Low led a project that reduced energy and water consumption in their Bolton Food Plant in Canadaby 15 percent in 2010. They achieved this through installing a measurement system and a real time website that helped Associates understand how much energy and water the site was using.

Wrigley Supports People with Disabilities in Mexico

More than six million people in Mexico have a physical disability. In 2011 Wrigley’s People & Organization team led a project to encourage greater inclusion of people of all abilities at Wrigley’s operations in the country. The team hosted experiential learning sessions to generate understanding and sensitivity for people with disabilities. They trained Associates in sign language and are working with universities and nongovernmental organizations to make Wrigley a more attractive and welcoming workplace for people of all abilities. In 2012, Wrigley Mexico proudly received the Certification of Inclusive Company from Mexico’s Federal Government.

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