Team Effort at Wrigley Reduces Absolute Energy Use

Team Effort at Wrigley Reduces Absolute Energy Use

Wrigley has cut energy use as production volumes have risen, showing that absolute reductions are possible.

“Growing our business while becoming more energy efficient has been no easy task,” shared Emil Burca, Senior Manager, Sustainability and Performance Management Office. “But it’s critical to achieve our long-term vision of growing sustainably.”

Key to Wrigley’s success has been successfully identifying priorities, staying focused and gaining the support of the entire business. Through technology optimizations that have improved the efficiency of boilers, chillers, heating, air conditioning and compressed air, Wrigley has consistently reduced energy use since 2009.

The impact of these efforts has not always been immediate. “In many cases, it takes a year or longer to reap energy savings, but we’ve remained disciplined in our focus and it’s getting us closer to where we need to be,” notes Burca.

Wrigley’s leadership team supports this focus on energy reduction. Environmental targets are included alongside financial measures in the annual business plan and are reviewed quarterly to assess and adjust where needed. This commitment carries through to the factory floor, where Associates have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts. Go Green teams (an Associate-led program aimed at bringing sustainability to life at the workplace) partner with site Sustainable in a Generation Champions to educate Associates on their personal role in achieving our reduction goals – translating corporate aims into personal action.

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