MARS International India launches “Snacks and Treats” for pets


Key facts
  • Mars India launches snacks and treats for pets
  • Mars unveils new packaging for Pedigree

Hyderabad: MARS International India Pvt. Ltd., the leading pet food manufacturer and marketers of the international pet food brand, PEDIGREE, today launched the international range of Snacks and Treats for Dogs in India.

MARS International India also unveiled an all-new packaging and re-launched the complete range of Pedigree food for Dogs.

Snacks and Treats: Studies conducted by Mars International India indicate that 96% of pet owners feed their pets with snacks and treats in various forms – most of these on a daily basis largely motivated by their own snacking habits. This launch of Pedigree’s range of Snacks & Treats comes in light of these developments with an aim to promote the key aspect of responsible pet ownership amongst pet owners. DENTASTIX, RODEO AND SPRINGO – the three variants of Snacks & Treats - from Pedigree are not only healthy snacks, they also provide functional benefits like reducing the risks of dental diseases, help in development of bones and teeth for strengthening their immune systems. Present at the occasion were Mr. N. Balasubramanian, Demand Director, MARS India. Mr. Nitin Kulkarni, Director, Corporate Affairs, MARS Intl. India along with Dr.K.G. Umesh, Waltham Scientific Communication Associate (South Asia).

Mr N. Balasubramanian, Demand Director, MARS India. said “It gives us immense pleasure as we launch the Snacks and Treats range for dogs in India. 80% dogs age over 3 years are found to have dental problems; most common of these diseases are gum disorders like Gingivitis - reddening of Gums & Inflammatory response to bacteria in the Plaque deposits and Periodontitis - begins with dental Plaque (a soft biofilm), Plaque is gradually calcified to form Tartar. We have developed our range of snacks and treats for dogs keeping in mind the essential health and hygiene factors for dogs while understanding the natural habits of pet owners, which play a significant role in moulding the health of their pets. All our snacks and treats have multiple benefits - from acting as delicious rewards for the pets for good behavior they also cater to the essential dental hygiene of the pet. They also ensure that the dogs’ dietary needs are completely met. This is our endeavour towards offering pets a healthier life while inculcating a sense of responsibility amongst pet owners.”

Dentastix has been designed in a manner to cater to these gum related dental issues with its unique X-shape, which enables it to reach the hardest of places in the mouth. With its gentle abrasive action it reduces plaque and tarter build-up by almost 80%. Dentastix will be available in two categories for puppies (with additional calcium for added bone and teeth development) and for adult dogs.

Springo, is the delicious spring shaped fun snack with Omega 6 oil for healthy skin and coat.

Rodeo is a twisty snack with Vitamin A for healthy eyesight.

The Pedigree range:

The all-new improved range has clean graphics on the front with the new Pedigree logo signs depicting the life stage of the dog, the dogs’ health and a pictorial representation of the ingredients of the particular variant. The new range has been designed keeping in mind the special needs of dogs based on market research conducted by MARS International India. The research stresses on the facts that dogs need special nutrients to lead a healthy happy life, which cannot be met by feeding them home cooked meals.

The Pedigree Professional range product will now be available in a new and improved metallic packaging. The new range of Pedigree will initially be available in 400 grams trial packs at very attractive and affordable trial price points of Rs. 55 for Puppies and Rs. 50 for Adults across 10000 partner stores in India. Apart from the trial packs, the range is available in 3 SKU’s of 1.2 Kgs, 3 Kgs, and 10 Kgs packs, which relate to 3 days, 7 days and 25 days’ complete meal for an average dog of 20 –25 kgs bodyweight.

The Pedigree range of dog food is available in 2 variants – Puppy – Chicken and Milk and Meat and Milk and Pedigree Adult – Chicken and Rice and Meat and rice.The Pedigree Professional Range of Dog Food are now available in 5 variants – Pedigree – Puppy Weaning, Puppy Small Breed, Adult Small Breed, Puppy Large Breed, Active Adult Dog and the NEW Pedigree Senior for senior dogs. Each pack contains 27 vital nutrients in the correct proportions and is specially designed keeping in mind common issues like fussy eating habits, excessive hair loss, skin and urinary health problems faced by dogs.

Mr. Nitin Kulkarni, Director – Corporate Affairs, MARS International India said, “Nutritional requirements of dogs are different at different ages and for different breeds. Pedigree’s range of Dog Food has been designed and developed to cater to these specific needs for each stage of life. The new metallic packaging with a premium look and feel offers fresh food for a longer duration and states the key benefits of the food, upfront. It is available in two variants – for Adults (Chicken and Veg, Meat and Rice and Vegetarian options) and Puppies (Chicken and Milk and Meat and Milk). At Pedigree, we care for dogs and, everything we do is for the love we have for dogs. It is this love and affection that enables us to look for ways to help in improving their living conditions by offering nutritionally balanced food that would help them remain healthy.”

Pedigree’s range of Dog Food is highly digestible and feeding the food exclusively for 6 weeks, results in making the dog active and energetic, helps in improving their skin and hair coat condition. Each life cycle of a dog requires special care and nutrition for them; for example Weaning Puppies grow 12 times faster than humans, have a delicate and developing digestive system and are susceptible to infections since their immunity is poorly formed. Dogs at this stage need to be well cared for and have to be fed on Pedigree Food for Dogs – Puppy Weaning, for a healthier and faster growth.

The Pedigree range of Dog Food is manufactured at the state of the art factory at Hyderabad. Every Pedigree dog food product surpasses requirements laid down by AAFCO/National Research Council 2006 of the US National Academy of Science. Pedigree is synonymous, when it comes of caring for dogs and everything Pedigree does is for the love of dogs. It is this commitment to dogs and dog care that makes Pedigree look for ways to make their lives better.

For any queries on Pedigree range of Dog Food or information on pet health and care, please contact Pedigree at 1800112121 (toll free from MTNL/BSNL) or 011-25928781 (normal call charges apply).

About Pedigree Brand: The Pedigree brand is a globally established Petcare brand, manufactured and marketed in India by Mars International India Pvt. Ltd.

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