Eat, Drink, Chew—And Celebrate World Oral Health Day!


Eat, Drink, Chew—And Celebrate World Oral Health Day!

The benefits of chewing sugar-free gum are well understood.  Chewing for 20 minutes after eating is proven to help protect your teeth.  It also increases saliva production, which can raise the plaque pH level and help maintain tooth enamel. 

Wrigley is committed to helping consumers understand the importance of oral healthcare and in the run up to World Oral Health Day on September 12th, has been participating in a number of activities to help spread the word. 

Earlier this month Wrigley joined forces with leading dentistry academics and Members of the European Parliament to make the case to European policymakers around the need to improve policy on oral healthcare.

The Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe, of which Wrigley is a founding member, was created to address the issue that oral diseases remain a major public health issue for many high-income countries, where treatment expenditure can exceed that for cancer, heart disease, stroke or dementia.

“As a member of the Platform, our aim is to help raise awareness of the problem and obtain political commitment from the European institutions to promote oral health, including the use of sugar free chewing gum in future policy,” said Kristen Kinkella, Corporate Affairs Director – Europe.


Another important aspect of Wrigley’s outreach has been providing resources and support to dental professionals through its Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program. The web is a growing information source for dental professionals so Wrigley has completely revamped its oral care website, wrigleyoralcare.com, to provide in-depth information and tools.  The site provides clinical research which supports the benefits of chewing sugar-free gum, patient information and useful tools to assist dentists in educating patients on good oral health care.


Mars Associates have also been getting in on the act, learning more about the benefits of chewing sugar-free gum and spreading the message by word of mouth.  Each Wrigley site has been holding local events to commemorate World Oral Health Day through an Oral Care Associate Ambassador program.


 “Through the Oral Care Ambassador activities, we’re Putting Our Principles into Action by creating awareness about good oral health for our Associates and why you should chew gum,” Kristen said.  “It’s a fun and engaging program with a serious and important purpose.” 

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