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Securing a Vibrant Mint Industry for the Future

There’s nothing like that all-natural, minty-fresh taste. That’s why we use real mint in 65 percent of relevant products. We’re dedicated to supporting high-quality mint farms and making sure our sourcing practices are sustainable.

We’re constantly developing new best practices to reduce the environmental impacts of mint farming by focusing on how we impact productivity, water usage, efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. One great example is when our Associates at Wrigley collaborated with the Mint Industry Research Council to educate North American farmers on the environmental and economic benefits of using natural gas over diesel fuel. As of May 2014, these farmers had converted 18 percent of their total mint production from diesel to propane or natural gas, resulting in a reduction of over 8,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

In India, another key mint-growing region, our Associates at Wrigley are developing an exciting new sustainable agriculture plan. This plan assesses our economic, environmental and social impacts, and sets strategies to reduce any negative impacts — securing a vibrant Indian mint industry for the future.

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We’re dedicated to supporting high-quality mint farms and sustainable sourcing practices.