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Health and Nutrition
As a responsible producer of snackfood, Mars is committed to promoting active lifestyles and educating consumers on making responsible snackfood choices.

At Mars we believe that taking pleasure in food is part of a rich and enjoyable life. Chocolate and other food – enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle - bring pleasure to people’s lives. Lifestyles have changed, and some aspects irreversibly. Social and environmental changes as much as food have been contributing to a series of public health concerns.

As a global food manufacturer, Mars aspires to be a leader in creating a healthier environment, making a significant contribution to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through our products - both existing and new- and our business behavior which aims to ensure responsible consumption of our brands.

MARS Hungary is a founding member of the so called TET Platform, a social initiative that creates a consensus of the political and business spheres, the civil sector and science to battle obesity and promote a balanced lifystile and consumption. TET stands for Nutrition (Táplálkozás), Lifestyle (Életmód) and Work-out (Testmozgás). The platform provides information on these issues and organises programs to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.   Within the framework of the TET Platform, together with other food companies, we introduced the GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) mark on all our products. This provides information to our consumers about the nutrition value of the product and aids them in making a responsible decision. We also work closely with the Hungarian Dietetic Association on educational programs on children about healthy nutrition.   We will continue these efforts and actively participate in intitiatives that promote a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. We may extend the circle of participation and will remain an advocate of the issue.   We will encourage product innovation within MARS Inc and within the whole inductry to produce food that is healthier and can add more to a balanced diet while still providing enjoyable moments for consumers.

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