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Mars Hungary begins 2012 with recognition

02 February 2012

Mars is European Business Awards for the Environment finalist

Mars Hungary has been selected to the finals in the “Process” category of the EU Business Awards for the Environment programme with the thermal water-based heating refurbishment project of its pet food plant in Csongrád-Bokros. Together with other finalists, it will participate in the programme’s European finals in March. The Hungarian Jury for the EU Environmental Awards granted Mars a certificate in recognition of its European-level achievement which was presented to the company  by Dr. Andor Nagy, Vice President of the Parliamentary Committee on Sustainable Development, on 23 January 2012.
The development project completed at the Mars plant in 2010 aimed to replace the gas boilers supporting the building’s heating system and hygiene hot water system (used for washing) with a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative. The company decided to use thermal water for this purpose. Thermal water extracted from nearly 2,000 meters below the ground is further heated by the boiler to reach a temperature high enough to fully support the building’s heating requirements. This green heat energy enables Mars to reduce its annual gas consumption by 87% or 82,600 m3 which is equivalent to the gas demand of 30 detached houses.

In 2010, the same development project won an award from KÖVET Association in the Low Hanging Fruit category of the Money Back Through the Window campaign. This year, it was selected by the Hungarian Jury for the EU Environmental Awards (HEA) for the European finals of the award programme. Under the rules of the EU, the European award programme is for projects that already won a national-level award in one of the categories. These awards are submitted to HEA set up from the NGOs running the national award programmes. Mars was selected by HEA for the finals together with six other companies. Successful projects were granted a certificate by HEA which was presented to Roland Frajsták, Environmental Director of Mars Hungary, by Dr. Andor Nagy, Vice President of the Parliamentary Committee on Sustainable Development, on 23 January 2012.

“It is a great honour for us to win the certificate recognizing the sustainability efforts of Mars Hungary once again. We hope that the unique European development project implemented at our plant in Csongrád-Bokros will appeal also to the European jury. Energy saving projects have multiple benefits for us. On the one hand, they help us protect our direct environment and our planet, while on the other hand, they also save cost releasing funds for more efficiency enhancement. As we want to set a model for sustainability in Hungary, we’ll make continued efforts to re-use thermal water”, said Zsolt Mayer, Corporate Affairs Director of Mars Hungary.

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