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Pedigree® Adoption Drive features new donation system

02 May 2012

– This year, every registered pet shelter gets a share of donations of up to HUF 12 million including Pedigree® contribution

The fourth Pedigree® Adoption Drive has a new donation system to help shelter dogs. The campaign gives every animal lover an opportunity to support their favourite pet shelters and Pedigree® will match donations with up to HUF 6 million for the year. This way, the amount of donations may total HUF 12 million. Donations can be made throughout the year via the Facebook club set up for the initiative with nearly 22,000 members. The first week saw more than HUF 400,000 raised through animal lovers’ contributions and Pedigree® fund matching. This year again, actress Barbara Hegyi will be the ambassador of the campaign.

This year’s updated Pedigree® Adoption Drive gives every pet shelter officially registered in Hungary an opportunity to raise matching donations. Donations are displayed on a counter with Pedigree® matching funds of HUF 6 million which means that the total amount of donations may reach HUF 12 million for the year. The special initiative is running through the Facebook club of the adoption drive with animal lovers enabled to track donations on the programme’s Web site. The first week saw more than HUF 400,000 raised and the amount keeps rising. The campaign will run throughout the year with donations disbursed to pet shelters after every HUF 1 million raised together with Pedigree®. The drive aims to reach the maximum limit of matching funds of HUF 12 million as soon as possible but the campaign will continue to run also after this limit is reached.

Pet shelters participating in this year’s drive can continuously campaign for themselves, but they will also be formally introduced by Pedigree in the Facebook club. Every week, two shelters will be presented with the first two being People for Animals Foundation (Emberek az Állatokért Alapítvány) of Győr and Rex Dog Shelter Foundation (Rex Kutyaotthon Alapítvány) of Budapest. As part of their introduction, pet shelters can describe their programmes for the year, encourage club members to donate funds or seek a home for their worst-off dogs. “We consider the new initiative a great opportunity to increase our visibility across the country, reach out to an audience of several thousand people and campaign for ourselves”, said Gabriella Magyar of the pet shelter in Győr.

Following previous years’ tradition, actress Barbara Hegyi will be the ambassador of the campaign who commented on the new donation scheme as follows: “I was very pleased to learn about the updated programme that gives even more pet shelters access to donations. This is a great tool for shelters to increase their visibly and users to support them with a few mouse clicks. Pedigree® offers easy access to help and matches donations to give shelter dogs a better life. I hope that this year’s campaign will raise a record amount of donations.”

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