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Health and Safety
Mars Hungary sets an example in creating a “health-conscious working environment”, and has received a number of acknowledgements for its efforts, such as the Healthy Workplace AmCham Award (2006). These acknowledgements provide further incentives for the company to support the associates in creating a health-conscious lifestyle.

Our support for associates includes the provision of a general doctor, the opportunity to participate in 5-8 screenings per year (general health and specific screenings) and the education of health-conscious lifestyle through the Health-conscious Workplace Project that includes the Healthy Good Morning program as well as personal lifestyle consultancy upon request. Our Budapest associates receive fruits weekly and our Csongrád-Bokros associates are provided a wide range of healthy food (fruits and vegetables) in order to be able to follow a balanced diet. Due to our health prevention program, the number of days spent on sick leave is well bellow the national average.

Our internal circulated company newsletter regularly covers the topic of Health and Safety, our newspaper had a whole supplement dedicated to the subject and we published an information leaflet on work-out exercises to be practiced while at work.

Our Fitness Ambassador Program aids sport-loving associates in finding partners for fitness programs, organizing teams and holding competitions and tournaments.

Our associates are encouraged to follow an active lifestyle and we have a bicycle rack for those associates coming to work by bicycle.

Safety of our associates is a number one priority for Mars Hungary. This is more apparent in the Csongrád-Bokros production facility, where associates are required to wear protective helmets, earplugs and protective clothes. Every new associate in required to participate in a basic training on work safety and quality & food safety and further training is provided by trainers and quality technicians. There is a mandatory training to refresh the knowledge once a year for all associates and further trainings if needed due to any changes in technology.

Our managers regularly check that the strictest rules are followed. There is a weekly Safety audit and a weekly Quality & Food Safety Audit, both comprehended by an audit of the 5S. Each shift has one further weekly audit on both Safety and Quality&Food and the 5S.

Safety rules and procedures are defined in the “Work Safety Rules and Regulations” document that must be read and understood by every associate. This document sets all rules regarding safety procedures to be followed in the factory.

In Csongrád-Bokros we follow the 5S, a Japanese philosophy and a way of organizing and managing the workspace and work flow with the intent to improve efficiency by eliminating waste, improving flow and reducing process unreasonableness. The five “S” stands for sorting, straightening, sweeping, standardizing and sustaining. All associates are familiar with the 5S and follow these rules in everyday operation.


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