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Local structure

Mars in Hungary

Mars Incorporated established business in Hungary in 1990 as one of the first “western investors” following the political and economic changes in the country. After the positive consumer reception of the snackfood products, Mars extended the business in 1991 and started to sell petfood and Uncle Ben’s® rice. With the local and regional increase of consumer demand in Petfood, the Corporation decided to invest in production facilities as well, The factory has grown rapidly and become a very dominant dry petfood production facility in Europe.

Mars has two location in Hungary

Our Sales division is based in Budapest, located on the right side of the Danube. Currently we have approximately 150 people working in different functions and contributing to the success of our Hungarian. As a result of our ethical and five principle based, long term business thinking, Mars is seen as a reliable and accountable FMCG business operation in the Hungarian market.

Our manufacturing site is based in South-East Hungary near the second biggest river (Tisza) in Csongrád-Bokros. The site was established in 1993, and production started in early 1994. On top of the excellent capability of the Hungarian Manpower the good geographical location and the historical agricultural background of the country, further investments have been made continuously since 1995. Today the factory supplies 43 countries and has is one of the top 50 Hungarian export companies.

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In Budapest
H- 1113 Budapest, Bocskai út 134-146, HUNGARY
Tel: +36 1  469 21 00

In Csongrád-Bokros
H-6648 Csongrád-Bokros, I. Kerület
Tel: +36 63  579 500

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