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Mars Hungary is one of the best places to work for in Central Europe

06 June 2008

Global consulting firm, Hewitt Associates,  has just released the results of its „The Best Workplaces in Central Europe” survey for 2007-2008. Sponsored by the Wall Street Journal Europe, the report is based on the comments of more than 120,000 employees, 3000 top managers employed by 600 companies in 12 central European countries.  The survey measures the attitude of employees towards their work environment, career and advancement opportunities, satisfaction level with wages and compensation, employee relations at their place of work, or the impact of their worktime on their private lives.  MARS hungary is proud to be the only multinational company in the FMCG division to reach the the top ten.   It is an honour to be amongst the finalists for this award, but to be first in one’s division in a competition where the voting is by the employees themselves, is a true achievement.

“This award” said Tamás Ács, MARS hungary’s CEO, “clearly shows that we are on the right path and our associates appreciate our efforts,.  Successful business performance is a function of employment loyalty and commitment. We shall  do everything in our power in the future as well to be in the forefront in this domain” This regional recognition of excellence is the result of MARS hungary’s 2nd place finish last year in the Hungarian “Best Workplace” competition (large company division)

MARS hungary’s excellent employee relations conduct has received numerous plaudits during the preceeding years. In 2006, the company was given the Hungarian AmCham award for the “Healthiest Workplace” in Hungary.  In the same year, the company was selected by the Hungarian Ministry of Social and Labour Affairs as the most “Family Friendly” workplace in the country. Parallel to all this, the company has also launched an ambitious program of healthcare and disease prevention for its employees which in a short time has brought the number of workdays lost due to illness well below the national average in Hungary



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