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The largest brands of Mars Hungary sponsor the FCI Europe Dog Show in Budapest

02 October 2008

Mars Hungary was pleased to learn that the FCI Europe Dog Show will once more be organized in Budapest. With the Pedigree® brand of Mars they were the main sponsors of the same event 15 years ago, which was the first important international dog show held in Eastern-Europe after the changes in the political systems in the former socialist countries. The FCI is such an important event that it draws the attention of pet owners and animal lovers of the continent to their pets for a few days. Apart from competitions it is also an excellent opportunity for dog owners to meet, talk and share their experiences and problems.

As a company committed to responsible pet ownership, Pedigree® will naturally be present at the event.  For Pedigree® dogs represent a value in our complex, modern world that helps us to find and enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life. Their vitality and love of life makes every single day of our lives nicer and better. During the last 60 years the main aim of Pedigree® has been to make our four-legged friends as happy as they make us. This is why this year’s FCI Europe Dog Show is so important: it is an unique opportunity for Hungarian and international visitors to get to know the exciting and interesting world of the different dog breeds as well as to understand why these little friends have played such an important role in our lives for the last thousand years.

The main sponsor of the cat section of the show is Hungary’s leading cat food brand, Whiskas®. Apart from the cat show, Whiskas® contributes colourful family and children’s programs about cats to make the event even better.

Pedigree® and Whiskas® is looking forward to welcoming all animal-loving visitors to the FCI Europe Dog Show on 3-5 October 2008 in the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.

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