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Associates of Mars Hungary for pound dogs

29 January 2009

At the end of January associates of Mars Hungary gained insight into the details of the Pedigree® Adoption Program to be introduced during the spring. The new program further enhances Mars’ responsible pet ownership program in Hungary. Associates are not new to the support provided for animal shelters because the company has been supporting Hungarian animal shelters with donations, products and other means of co-operation for nearly twenty years. In addition to helping the shelters, the new campaign is intended to improve the future prospects of stray dogs.

The program introduced within the frames of the Associate Day was preceded by extensive preparations. Our marketing associates worked anxiously to introduce the program in the spring and they considered it important to personally visit the animal shelters. They visited a number of shelters in and around Budapest at the end of January to return loaded with supporting ideas. The visit paid to NOÉ Animal Shelter Foundation inspired our team to build and paint dog houses for stray dogs kept outside.

Our associates assembled and painted 25 dog houses – that is a total value of HUF 700,000 – and donated them to two animal shelters. The representatives of NOÉ Animal Shelter Foundation and HÉROSZ Budapest Animal Shelter were happy to receive the donations from Mars associates. The initiative provided covered temporary shelter for 25 dogs. However, the initiative has not been over yet since the ultimate goal is to find a caring owner and a real home for every dog in the new houses therefore the teams of our associates are looking for people to adopt the 25 selected dogs.



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