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Pedigree® is among the trusted brands again

01 April 2009

The Reader’s Digest’s survey, “Trusted Brands”, is one of the biggest and most comprehensive consumer surveys conducted in Europe. This year more than 23 thousand people voted about the brands they trust the most. In 2009 readers considered the same brands trusted as in the previous years. In the category of pet food the winner is Pedigree® dog food that is produced – among others – in Csongrád-Bokros, Hungary. It is the fourth consecutive time Pedigree® wins the competition in Hungary.

“This prize is primarily the result of the excellent performance of our associates. The Pedigree® brand has been in distribution in Hungary since 1991 and we have played a definitive role since 1993 in the Hungarian production and pet food export. We intend to maintain and improve this trend by increasing our devotion and by new developments.” – claimed Tamás Ács, managing director of MARS Hungary. The Csongrád-Bokros factory started out with a few thousand and then tens of thousands tons of production capacity and  by now it has become one of the largest processed agricultural product exporters of the country, one of the biggest employers in South-East Hungary, and a leading producer of dry food and snack food in Europe. The products made in Csongrád-Bokros, and Pedigree® among them, are sold in the markets of 42 countries and the total volume of investments related to the production is over HUF 20 billion. Other than Pedigree®, such renowned brands across Europe as Chappi®, Whiskas® or Kitekat® are also made here. The Bokros facility purchases Hungarian raw materials for the production from 500 suppliers and for more than HUF 10 billion. 

Pedigree® as a brand has been around the world for nearly fifty years and its mission is very well summarized in our motto: “Dogs Rule!” – We are for dogs and are for making them as happy as they make us. Every thought and action of Pedigree® is inspired by dogs. The products of the brand intend to make the everyday life of dogs even happier. This is also the primary objective of the adoption campaign of Pedigree® this year that is aimed at improving the lives of stray dogs by finding them loving owners.  The campaign is being introduced by Pedigree® during these very weeks in Hungary as the 13th country participating in the international program.

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