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SNICKERS® Team arrived at the 4th place in Budapest–Bamako Rally 2010

09 February 2010

Although the route was modified the donations have reached the poor

After a sharp fight, SNICKERS® Team arrived to Budapest at the fourth place in Budapest-Bamako rally 2010. Team members Kálmán Lukács Tóth and Norbert Lehotzky competed according to fair play rules all the way during the rally despite the fact that Kálmán Lukács Tóth suffered a burn injury on one of his hands at the first half. However, the rally’s route had been changed in the last minute the charity truck successfully brought the donations offered by Mars Hungary on the original route to African children. Donations have been distributed in Mauritania and Mali.

During the first part in Europe the team members were looking forward to the desert to really show their abilities with their car. During the race they were among the top all along. They were struggling with technical problems and Kálmán Lukács Tóth suffered a burn injury. The racers could tackle all difficulties though and went on steadfastly representing the “Don’t stop!” feeling of Snickers®.

The team contested sporty during the rally: sometimes they helped others out of the dunes, sometimes they were helped by others to fulfill the distance of several thousands of kilometers without a stop. Altogether 42 of the 78 teams in the race category could finish the rally. Those who could not suffered serious injuries and fatal technical problems. Some others gave it up underway. Finally, Snickers® Team ended up at the fourth place. Afterwards the team members set out for a long journey before arriving in Budapest.

Snickers® Team has sent the following donations to African children by favour of Mars Hungary: 2,000 pens, 500 sets of coloured pencils, 200 exercise books and 20 soccer balls. Due to the terror threats in Mauritania and Mali the rally’s route had been modified at the suit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs one day before the start. This way the race ended in Agadir, Morocco instead of Bamako. Thus Snickers® Team members could not hand over the donations personally. The charity truck, however, could bring the presents to the African poor on the original route successfully. The donations have been distributed in Mauritania and Mali.


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