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Facebook users select Szeged-based Tappancs as Hungary’s favourite pet shelter

04 October 2010

Shelter in Szeged shares half of 4,000 kg pet food prize with three underfinanced sites

Under the “Donate a Bowl of Food” campaign launched on Facebook in May, users joining the fan club of Pedigree Adopt a Shelter Pet Drive donate a bowl of pet food to shelter dogs. Club members were also requested to vote for the shelter to receive the 10,000 bowls or 4,000 kg of dry pet food donated under the campaign to date. The food was offered by Mars Hungary, supplier of Pedigree® products and initiator of the Pedigree Adopt a Shelter Pet Drive. Based on the first 10,000 votes on Facebook, the winner of the campaign was Szeged-based Tappancs Animal Foundation. At the prize event held on the World Animal Day, the winning foundation announced that they decided to share half of the 4,000-kilogram pet food prize with three other underfinanced shelters.

The Pedigree Adopt a Shelter Pet Drive has taken action to improve the situation of shelter dogs and change the public mindset in 11 countries on 4 continents. In 2009, Hungary was the first country in Central Europe to launch the campaign combined with new components this year. Pedigree’s producer, Mars Hungary wanted to learn the opinion of pet lovers in addition to that of the professional jury evaluating the applications of pet shelters involved in the programme. This is the reason why it created a fan club for the Pedigree Adopt a Shelter Pet Drive on one of the country’s most popular community sites. The number of fan club members has reached 10,000 in 5 months. This has been the first company-backed fan club in Hungary for the cause of animal shelters and shelter dogs.

“To make the club as interactive as possible, new club members were given the right to donate a bowl of pet food and vote for a shelter of their choice. The 10,000 bowls of food collected under the campaign were offered by Mars to the shelter getting the largest number of votes. Votes had been collected for several months with some shelters actively campaigning for victory”, said Patrícia Peres, Pedigree® Brand Manager, at the prize event.

On 4 October, the World Animal Day, 4,000 kilograms of pet food was presented to the winning Tappancs Animal Foundation of Szeged by Mars Hungary and fan club representatives. At the event, the Szeged-based shelter announced that it would share half of the prize with Hungary’s three most underfinanced shelters to be selected by a nationally renown independent expert. “Tappancs gave us a tall order as all Hungarian pet shelters are in a difficult position. And this makes their offer even more generous”, said Dr. László Pallós, National Animal Welfare Inspector, who helped Szeged-based Tappancs select the other three underfinanced pet shelters. The proposed beneficiaries included People for Animals Foundation in Győr, Pet Shelter Foundation of Vasad and Zemplén Shelter Animals Foundation heavily hit by this spring’s flood. The three shelters received 600 kg of pet food each from the prize won by Tappancs in Szeged.

The “Donate a Bowl of Food” campaign will continue in community media. Fan club members of Pedigree Adopt a Shelter Pet Drive can vote for another favourite shelter on Facebook until 31 December 2010. The next prize event will take place in early January 2011 with several thousands of kilograms of pet food to be delivered to shelter dogs again.


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