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Operating to the highest standards of business ethics, our family ownership gives us the total freedom to shape our own future and create a genuine mutuality of benefits between ourselves and everyone who we do business with.


We believe the contribution of each individual in Mars is a vital ingredient in the continued success of our business. This is recognized by the use of the term 'associate' for everyone who works in Mars. It symbolizes the firmness of our belief in the way our associates should be treated. In return for accepting responsibility for the achievement of specific goals and objectives, our 'associates' are entitled to enjoy fair treatment, respect, and rewards commensurate with their contribution.


We believe in quick and transparent communication. We believe in being able to connect with anyone at any level at anytime. We believe in posting opportunities for all our associates to see around the world and to apply if qualified. This way of working fosters a style of 'egalitarianism', with open plan offices in all our units around the world, with no private offices or executive facilities, and regular business communication for all.


We believe that the role of 'organization' is to release the talents of individuals, providing structure, processes, and a clear framework that liberate and enable every associate to give their very best.By clarifying accountabilities, designing challenging and interesting jobs with built-in career development steps, and creating communities of shared purpose, we enhance the engagement (and therefore the performance) of our associates around the world.


We believe that to succeed in today's rapidly changing world, we must truly understand our consumers needs and wants and be able to translate these into high quality - great value products if we are to keep their loyalty. To meet our goal of being highly consumer-centric, our local operating units have the freedom to act quickly, with un-bureaucratic management, where responsibility is delegated and associates have wide discretion in making decision that affect their day-to-day work.

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