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    One of the most popular brand well known by consumers

    PEDIGREE® range is a balanced food to help keep happy and fit your dog, by giving him the whole foodstuff he needs. PEDIGREE® meal is suitable for each dog, according to their size and breed.


    WHISKAS® helps make cats happy, every day !

    To make your cat life healthy and happy, give him WHISKAS® whenever he needs. We’re producing it since 40 years long, effectively.

  • CESAR®

    CESAR® is significantly taking care of your dog of small size

    With a wide product range, CESAR® is made with high quality ingredients and well balanced, suitable for dogs of small size.

  • SHEBA®

    Sophisticated meals for sophisticated cats

    Cats are special so give them something special to eat. The SHEBA® exclusive range of gourmet meals is certain to make the most demanding feline purr.


    KITEKAT® products are good value for money

    KITEKAT® is a catfood range that gives complete meals, well balanced for your cat, by giving him all foodstuff he needs to enjoy its life!

  • M&M'S®

    Among the world’s favorite candy snacks since 1941, M&M’S® chocolate candies are the original fun bites.

    One of the most famous candy treats in the world, the snack sized pieces of chocolate (and peanuts) in a candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe.


    One of the world's biggest selling candy bar. Simple as that.

    Crammed with peanuts, caramel and nougat then coated with milk chocolate, the SNICKERS® bar quickly became one of the planet's favorite treats after its introduction in 1930. And still at the top, over 75 years later.

  • MARS®

    A chocolate bar whose success is out of this world.

    Originally made in Britain but now sold all over the world, the MARS® bar is one of the confectionery industry's greatest success stories.

  • TWIX®

    Two helpings of chocolate, biscuits and caramel for your money.

    When it's time to take a break, go for double the snack. Twin fingers of biscuit, caramel and chocolate mean there's also enough to share.

  • ORBIT®

    Orbit helps to protect your teeth every day

    Sugar-free chewing gum
    Chewing Orbit sugar-free gum after meals and snacks helps to protect your teeth every day; Indeed, chewing flows saliva up to ten times longer than normal:
    • As it contributes to the neutralization of plaque acid.
    • As it helps to restore optimum plaque pH levels after meals.
    • As it helps the remineralization of the damaged enamel, contributing to the prevention of dental caries.


    Making rice convenient and tasty for over half a century.

    From classic long grain rice to sauces to modern gourmet flavors, UNCLE BEN’S® products bring something special to meals.


    Brings the "taste of Asia" to your home

    Suzi Wan® provides the pleasure of a full Asian experience.Offering varied Asian meal basis and ingredients, Suzi Wan® allows you to easily combine flavours and textures to discover at your home the "taste of Asia"

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