Career Development

Fair and Effective Performance Assessment

Assessment at Mars is based on performance and development process.

The performance assessment system at Mars builds upon the annual performance development process. Associates and their line mangers have a goal-setting meeting at the beginning of each fiscal year and a performance review meeting at the end. At the year-end meeting, an assessment is made based not only on whether each goal was achieved but on what approaches each associate took to achieve the goal. They also discuss career development goals and action plans to achieve the goals. Assessment is made solely on each associate's performance and competency, regardless of age, sex and nationality. Therefore, an associate who keeps delivering results at Mars will have a chance to be promoted regardless of age and length of service, and will also have opportunities to work overseas.

Feedback to accelerate multimodal assessment and individual growth.

At Mars, performance assessment is not made based only on a line manager's judgment, but rather carried out multilaterally with input from relevant divisions and groups. Such a multilateral approach means that the process is transparent and encourages precise feedback to help associates develop further. At regular feedback sessions, associates and their line managers discuss specific developmental areas and action plans based on each associate's career goal. Moreover, associates receive feedback from their managers during their everyday work. Feedback from managers and peers is highly effective in helping associates gain new perspectives and grow faster.

Career Development Opportunity and Support

Job Vacancy System

At Mars, we have the Job Vacancy System that allows associates to take the initiative in their career development. When the company has an opening, in principle, internal candidates are solicited first. Associates can take the opportunity to move to different divisions, or take on the challenge of a higher position, and thus develop their own career. There is no differential between employees, in the form of the so-called ""HQ hire"" and ""local hire."" At Mars, all associates can work and develop their careers equally. Becoming a Mars Japan associate means joining a company that has over 70,000 associates working around the globe. Forging a career path into the wider world isn't just a dream here.

Learning Program

All the associates working at Mars strive to develop and strengthen their competencies at Mars University, a virtual educational institute where the same learning programs are used worldwide. At Mars University, our leaders around the globe develop curricula to help associates and teams grow and contribute to reinforcing the company's business performance. development landing