How We Work

Mars Associates in office

Uniqueness at Mars

Network organization

Although Mars is a global company operating businesses around the world, each country and regional office has great discretionary power to do business locally. This is symbolized by the fact that our U.S. headquarters overseeing business worldwide is a small organization with less than a hundred associates.

Mars is a decentralized organization: there is no intensive control by the U.S. headquarters. Local offices around the globe are responsible for understanding their market and consumers, and doing business according to the particular situation of each country. Thus, associates in each country office can take responsibility for executing ideas and strategies. The Japanese example demonstrates this: we have developed original brands and products for the Japan market.

A small organization of exceptionally talented people

Mars is a small organization of exceptionally talented people. As a result, these talented associates need to be highly productive in operating the business and delivering results. At the same time, based on our principles of Freedom and Responsibility, each associate is given a great amount of discretion and is expected to take initiatives and actively face challenges.

In such an environment, one of the great advantages of working at Mars is you can decide how to drive the business forward on your own initiative. Every associate, regardless of his or her position in the organization, can feel a great sense of involvement in the business.

An environment for building leadership skills

At Mars, we value individual initiative. Associates are encouraged to work under a wider framework, without detailed manuals and rules: they make the most appropriate judgment and take actions according to the situation.

Associates are required to be proactive: they develop strategies and plans based on their own judgment, and then put them into action, leading others involved. Mars stands out because there is a working environment where everyone can build and strengthen their leadership skills through showing leadership potential and involving peers.

Living in harmony with pets

The idea of living in harmony with pets is another important philosophy at Mars. Every single associate shares a passion for bringing joy and smiles to consumers by helping them feed their pets a proper diet, rather than merely providing them with pet food products. Our Cat Room symbolizes this philosophy. At Mars Japan, we have two cats in the Cat Room where we can experience the joy of living with pets firsthand through interacting with the cats even at work.

Living in harmony with pets does not simply refer to our in-house cats. Associates are allowed to bring their dogs to the office, and dogs attending meetings with their owners or associates working at their desks with a dog on their lap are part of everyday life at Mars.

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