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Aušra Žemaitienė became General Director of Mars Lietuva

2008 m. liepos 14 d.

Aušra Žemaitienė, General Director

On July 14, 2008 Aušra Žemaitienė became the new General Director of Mars Lietuva. Aušra took over from Audronė Matevičienė who went on maternity leave. Aušra Žemaitienė started her career in Mars Lietuva with the establishment of the company in 1993, she has built her experience by working in various departments. During the period in the Commercial department Aušra lead the implementation of the modern business management system, she augmented her knowledge about supply chain subtleties by heading the Supply and Planning department. In 2003 she took over management of the Personnel department of Mars in the Baltics. Aušra led Lean deployment department for three and a half years prior to becomimg the General Director.

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