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    WHISKAS® understands the natural cat needs and that´s why we developed a food that combines the essential nutrients for a 100% complete and balanced nutrition, with an irresistible flavor for their palate.

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    The world's number one dog food

    With more than 70 years of experience, PEDIGREE® is an excellent quality dry and wet food line and snacks, that bring professional nutrition for every dog’s life stage covering their specific nutritional needs according to age and size. In addition it is designed to cover the 4 universal needs of dogs; digestibility, skin & coat, oral care and immunity, supported by the Waltham® Center, the leading world authority on care and nutrition of companion animals.

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  • ORBIT®

    Just Brushed Clean Feeling

    The smooth, refreshing flavor of sugar-free Orbit gum leaves your mouth with a Just Brushed Clean Feeling. Orbit gum is a global brand, enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Importantly, Orbit gum has received the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance. Orbit gum is on a mission to help keep mouths clean and healthy by encouraging people to Eat Drink Chew.

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  • M&M's®

    M&M's® is the colourful and delicious fun made chocolate! They are the funny and colorful chocolates that are fun to eat and share with friends. M&M´s® is fun, made for people that likes to enjoy and share each moment of their lives.

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    Constantly improving knowledge of the brand's only real clients - dogs and cats

    ROYAL CANIN combines in one single food a jigsaw of fifty nutrients needed to satisfy the specific needs of each pet.

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  • LUCAS®

    LUCAS® is the spicy Candy expert, it has a diverse variety of confections in unique formats. LUCAS® stays with you in intense situations that take you to the limit. ¡LUCAS® is the Mexican Brand for the most intense spicy confections!

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    The world's best-selling candy bar is nowadays a legendary brand. A delicious peanuts, caramel and nougat based formula with a milk chocolate cover, SNICKERS® is the candy bar that would calm you hunger. You´re not you when you´re hungry, SNICKERS®.

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    In 2005, Mexico's National Autonomous University (UNAM) and Banfield Pet Hospital, initiated an alliance looking for excellence in veterinary medicine. Currently Banfield offers support both medical and academic areas, receiving an annual average of 450 students of Veterinary Medicine.

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    Taste the Rainbow®

    A variety of sweet chewable candy with a colorful sweet cover, SKITTLES ® candies fans have enjoyed Tasting the Rainbow (Taste The Rainbow ®).

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  • Skwinkles®

    Skwinkles® offers to its consumers in Mexico a vast variety of spicy candies in original sweet, acid and spicy strips. Skwinkles® is different.

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    Launched in 1994, the Winterfresh® brand freshens your mouth with a unique taste.

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    Since their introduction in 1912, Life Savers (Salvavidas)  has become an iconic American brand across non-chocolate candy and mints due to their great tasting flavors and unique candy-with-the-hole shape.

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    PERFECT FIT® is a premium food that combines state of the art science with a deep understanding of dogs’ and cats’ nature to offer them nutrition according to their lifestyle. In addition it is supported by the Waltham® center, the leading world authority on care and nutrition of companion animals.

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  • Catsan

    The unique mineral granules in CATSAN absorb liquid like a sponge and the patented odour prevention is three times more effective than conventional cat litter.

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    You have to try Juicy Fruit®, the chewing gum whose unique flavor satisfies your craving for sweet.

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  • CESAR®

    For our big love

    CESAR ® is the brand that truly understands the relationship between lovers of small breed dogs and their special friends.

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  • Milky Way®

    The MILKY WAY® bar was Mars, Inc.'s first candy bar, created in 1923 at Forrest Mars Sr.'s kitchen to capture the popular taste of malted milk shakes in a candy bar. Now with a variety of brand products, reminds everyone that MILKY WAY® bar has chocolate, caramel, nougat and comfort in every bar.

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  • DOVE®

    The new milk chocolate solid tablet DOVE® has arrived to Mexico, now you can enjoy of one of the most important and delicious chocolate brands of the world.

    DOVE® chocolate will surround you with a delicious pleasure taste Silky smooth® (Tan suave como la seda®)

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  • PAL®

    Pal® is a 100% complete and balanced food for dogs and cats, designed to cover all pets´ nutritional needs, maintaining the best price and nutrition relation. Besides its new formula contains quality proteins and it has 16 essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy life.

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    Hubba Bubba® offers a delicious bubble gum with incredible flavors.

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  • Trill®

    Trill® has been designed to cover all canaries, budgerigars and parrots nutritional needs. A special mix of seeds, fruits and the exclusive Nutrivit® formula makes Trill® the right food that provides health to birds.

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Mars Chocolate UK and Mars Ireland take the precautionary step of voluntarily recalling ce

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Mars pledges to end deforestation in cocoa supply chains

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