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Mars Petcare and the Nutro Company build an $87m world-class Regional Innovation Center in Tennessee for pets and their owners throughout North America. Read more.



    For 50 years, the WHISKAS® philosophy has been: the cat comes first.

    Ever since its launch in 1963, WHISKAS® has been developed in cooperation with the Waltham Petcare Centre, the world’s leading animal food and behavior institute. On the basis of academic research we know what cats really need, and this knowledge is incorporated into our product development. So in cooperation with Waltham, we offer nutritional products containing everything required to keep cats healthy. Our recipes are carefully crafted using the best ingredients: they not only taste good, but also contain everything your cat needs. .

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    The world’s number one dog food.

    We at PEDIGREE® believe it is important to treat dogs responsibly. That is why we spend a lot of time researching dogs’ needs. With over 70 years of experience, PEDIGREE® products ensure that our best friend is fit, healthy and happy. There are PEDIGREE® meals for every type and size of dog.

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  • MARS®

    A chocolate bar whose success has been unrivaled.

    MARS® bars are sold worldwide and are an icon in the confectionery industry.

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  • M&M'S®

    Can’t resist m

    M&M'S® are colorful, delicious chocolate snacks to share with your friends. Choose Peanut, Choco, Crispy or Intense. M&M's® are sure to bring fun into your life.

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    The world’s best-selling chocolate bar

    Stacked with peanuts, caramel, nougat and a layer of milk chocolate, following its launch in 1930, SNICKERS® quickly became one of the world’s favorite snacks.

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  • TWIX®

    Double pleasure.

    With its scrumptious chocolate, crunchy biscuit and soft caramel, Twix guarantees double the pleasure. Perfect to enjoy alone or to share.

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    Making rice convenient and tasty for over half a century

    From its traditional long grain rice, to easy and convenient microwaveable rice to a range of delicious ethnic sauces the whole family will love, UNCLE BEN'S products are easy to prepare and can form part of a delicious balanced meal.

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    The cuisine that awakens your senses with the taste of Asia.

    With SUZI WAN® products you can bring your meals to life and entice your taste buds with the rich aromas, tastes and colors that make Asian cuisine so special.

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    The most delicious chewing gum that is good for your teeth!

    After eating or drinking, FREEDENT® helps to balance the pH in the mouth and prevent tooth decay.

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  • Celebrations

    CELEBRATIONS® is a nice gift, to give and to get, and great have out to on your table.

    CELEBRATIONS® is a surprising mix of well-known chocolate brands in a convenient box. The chocolates are small and individually wrapped. Each package contains everybody’s favorite chocolates.

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  • Dove Amicelli

    Take time out for yourself.

    AMICELLI® is a light and crunchy wafer roll with a delicious hazelnut-cream filling, covered in a light milk chocolate. Perfect for enjoying that special moment!

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  • Balisto

    BALISTO® – naturally delicious

    BALISTO® combines the delicious taste of chocolate with all the goodness of natural ingredients such as muesli, nuts, forest fruits, honey and milk.

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    That nice feeling of being at home

    Cats are clean animals that feel most at ease in a clean environment. CATSAN® is 3 times as effective as regular cat litter. With CATSAN®, every cat really feels at home.

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    Treats that cats love!

    Do you want to give your cat a snack it will always love? Then give it CATISFACTIONS®, the treats that cats love! Your cat will enjoy first biting through the fine crunchy layer first, and then coming to an irresistible soft center… The handy, resealable package keeps CATISFACTIONS® fresh for longer, so that your cat can enjoy it every day!

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    The irresistible dog food your pet can never get enough of.

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    Everything for your true adventurer

    KITEKAT® Meal Sachets and Dry Chunks are tasty, 100% balanced, healthy meals that your cat will love. Also available are KITEKAT® Sticks, delicious treats for even more pleasure. Our products are made from high-quality ingredients and contain all required nutrients and vitamins, so that your little adventurer can make the most of its day.

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    Perfect for your cat!

    Every cat is different and needs food that perfectly matches its needs. PERFECT FIT® is exactly that type of food for your cat. Whether it is a real house cat, an indefatigable adventurer or an old gourmet.

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  • Maltesers

    MALTESERS®: enjoy the lightness

    Under the scrumptious chocolate layer you will find a light, crispy filling that melts in your mouth.

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  • CESAR®

    A token of love…

    There is no better way to reward your small dog than with love and care. We at CESAR® are committed to making the best food for small dogs. Because we love small dogs just as much as you do. We painstakingly select ingredients of the highest quality and prepare them with great care. This way, we can guarantee taste and nutritional value perfectly suited to your small dog’s needs.

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  • SHEBA®

    For the beautiful moments you share.

    Our cats play a special role in our lives. They are friends that we share special moments with every day. SHEBA understands this and combines high-quality ingredients selected with care with a touch of passion and love. So that your cat can enjoy tasty, varied food every day.

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  • Milky Way

    The chocolate bar with a light, delicious filling!

    The light, delicious filling makes MILKYWAY® a scrumptious delicious chocolate bar that doesn’t make you feel full.

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  • Bounty

    BOUNTY® is a little piece of paradise on Earth.

    With BOUNTY®, enjoy the delicious chocolate and coconut and dream away.

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