Mars owns some of the world’s most popular brands. Every day they bring pleasure and satisfaction to hundreds of millions of people and pets around the world.

Our brands are one of our primary means of interacting with people. We take this opportunity and responsibility seriously and take measures to make sure our brands are not used in ways that have a negative effect on society or the environment. This involves being responsible in our marketing, providing clear information and promoting appropriate use.

Mars Nordics is marketing Mars Petcare, Mars Confectionery and Mars Food brands in all Nordic countries.


At Mars we love pets. Our fundamental goal and belief is that pets and pet ownership bring joy and benefits which should be accessible and available to all. Our products enhance the magic of the relationship between pet lovers and their pets by offering high quality, enjoyable and nutritious premium food. Our products are developed in cooperation with the Waltham Petcare Centre, a leading authority on pet nutrition and wellbeing. By developing products that constantly improve nutrition and care, we help the world’s pets to live healthier and happier lives.


Chocolate We market some of the Nordic’s best-loved confectionery products such as SNICKERS®, M&M'S®, TWIX®, MARS®, Skittles® and Extra®. Many of the chocolate products are also available as delicious ice creams. For every one of our brands, we are committed to offering great tasting products that give pleasure. We do this by using high quality ingredients and by employing the highest standards of quality control. We also believe in the importance of consumer choice, which is why we offer a diverse range of products, enabling our consumers to choose the product and portion size that is just right for them and their families.


Chocolate We strive to deliver Better Food Today, A Better World Tomorrow, by helping consumers make their favorite meals every day with 100% natural ingredients. The most well-known Mars Food brands are leading in their categories; Uncle Ben’s® Rice and Dolmio® pasta sauce.

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