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Mars will invest approximately $1billion in its Sustainable in a Generation Plan

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  • MARS®

    A chocolate bar whose success is out of this world

    The original chocolate bar created by Forrest Mars in 1932. MARS® bars are sold worldwide and are an icon in the confectionery industry. A delicious fusion of chocolate, caramel and nougat has been rewarding and restoring people for generations. The perfect combination to really enjoy. MARS® - Work, Rest and Play your part

    Your favourite brand is also available as ice cream.


    The world’s best-selling chocolate bar

    When you’re hungry you’re not on your game, not yourself. SNICKERS® is a bar of substance that sorts you out. Crammed with peanuts, caramel and nougat then coated with milk chocolate, SNICKERS® quickly became one of the world's favorite treats after its introduction in 1930. And, some 80 years later, it is still at the top!

    Your favourite brand is also available as ice cream.

  • TWIX®

    Twix® brings you simple joy, twice.

    TWIX® is immensely popular as a small in-between treat. Three simple ingredients...crunchy biscuit - oven baked to perfection, golden caramel and smooth milk chocolate combined into a delicious bar. TWIX® allows you to savor twice each time, taking the time to enjoy simple pleasures.

    TWIX® is also available as ice cream in Finland.

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  • M&M'S®

    Can’t resist M&M’S®

    Since 1941, M&M’S® have been one of the most famous chocolate treats in the world. The snack-sized delicious pieces of chocolate in a colourful candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe. They are perfect to share with your friends and bring fun into your life. M&M’S® are available in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

    Your favourite brand is also available as ice cream.


    We believe that all dogs should get good, nutritional food and have a loving home. These are the two most important things we aim to achieve every day at PEDIGREE®. All of our dedication, passion and love for dogs go into every single product that we make. We hope that you notice the difference, we are sure that your dog will.

  • CESAR®

    Love them back.

    CESAR® delivers tasty and wholesome recipes made with the best ingredients. Treat your loving companion to our healthy and tasty meals and love him back.

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    Nurture their Nature.

    If you want to keep your cat healthy and happy, there's no better choice than WHISKAS®. Our recipes are carefully crafted using the best ingredients: they not only taste good, but also contain everything your cat naturally needs.

  • SHEBA®

    Pure Cat Appeal

    SHEBA® understands the refined senses of cats and knows exactly what they love to eat. SHEBA® offers a wide range of delicious products made with the best ingredients and extra care. With SHEBA® you can always be sure to seduce your cat’s senses every day in a new tasty way.

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    PERFECT FIT is especially developed to meet the individual needs of cats. Tailored to their lifestyle and special needs PERFECT FIT offers the right nutritional balance to bring out the best in every cat.


    Making rice convenient and tasty for over half a century

    From UNCLE BEN'S® traditional long grain rice, to easy and convenient Boil-In-Bag rice and with a range of delicious ethnic sauces the whole family will love. UNCLE BEN'S® products are easy to prepare and can form part of a delicious and balanced meal.


    The makers of DOLMIO® are passionate about food. Since our beginnings in 1986, we have understood that meals shared with family and friends are cherished moments. As such, only the finest quality ingredients are selected for our pasta sauces to provide the best taste and quality.

  • Skittles®

    A variety of bite-sized chewy candies with a colorful candy shell, fans have been enjoying Skittles®  candies for decades. Taste The Rainbow®.

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  • EXTRA®

    Whatever you eat and drink, EXTRA® chewing gum helps you keep your teeth clean and your mouth fresh. It is known for its incredible, long-lasting flavors, and it is available in a variety of distinctive flavors.


    HUBBA BUBBA® offers great-tasting bubble gum in outrageous flavors and exciting product forms.


    When you need a “Hit of the Strong Stuff”, AIRWAVES® will provide you a truly intense and unique experience with its powerful menthol flavor.

Nyheder Danmark

ONE Mars Denmark kom på 16. pladsen til Danmarks Bedste Arbejdspladser!

ONE Mars Denmark kom på 16. pladsen til Danmarks Bedste Arbejdspladser! Til Danmarks Bedste Arbejdspladser prisoverrækkelse Læs mere..

Uutiset Suomi

Uncle Ben’s ja Dolmio mukana 6:n kerran Asunnottomien yössä

Helsingin Asunnottomien yön päätapahtuma 17.10. on Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry:n vuoden tärkein tapahtuma. Mars Finlandin va Lue lisää..

Nyheter Norge

Forrest E. Mars, Jr. gikk bort 84 år gammel

MCLEAN, VA (27. juli 2016) --- Med tungt hjerte, og på vegne av alle medarbeiderne, kunngjorde Mars, Incorporated at Forrest Les mer..

Nyheter Sverige

Forrest E. Mars, Jr. insomnat den 26 juli 2016, 84 år gammal.

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA (27 juli 2016) – Med sorg i hjärtat, och å alla medarbetares vägnar, tillkännagav Mars Incorporated att Forr Läs mera..

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