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Responsible Pet Ownership
Our fundamental goal and belief is that animals in general and pets in particular bring joy and benefits, and that they should be accessible and available to all.

Mars has been a global leader in encouraging and supporting the responsible ownership of pets in a variety of ways around the world.

We seek to better understand the benefits of pet ownership and the needs of pets themselves. And as a result of our work, we support programmes around the world to foster an understanding of the human-animal bond and the responsible ownership of pets, including how best to care for and feed one's pet.
We believe:

  • Pets, and pet ownership, are good for people of all ages and circumstances.
  • Pets can play an integral part of life in a harmonious community.
  • Owners have a responsibility to their pet, and to the community within which the pet owner and pet live.
Pets that are cared for with respect provide many benefits for the people who care for them. This is especially true for children, elderly people and the disabled.

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