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Although it has its origins in the USA, The Wrigley Company (a subsidiary of Mars Inc.) has a long and proud UK history and considers itself just as much a British company as an American one. Wrigley’s Spearmint gum was first launched in the UK in 1911 and by 1925 business had reached such a level that it was decided to build a Wrigley factory in the UK itself. The first factory opened in 1927 in Wembley, North London. In 1970 the factory and UK head office were relocated to Plymouth in the South West of England. Today, almost 500 people are now employed in the UK and Ireland. With around 25% of chewing gum produced in Plymouth exported overseas, the UK factory plays a key role in Wrigley’s business development across Europe.

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Gum waste (from cuttings and cleaned from mixers and machinery) accounts for up to a third of the total waste generated across Wrigley factories.
Wrigley SiG champions are leading efforts toward our zero waste commitment.

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