Why Work at Mars?

Careers That Mean More

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A Unique Business With a Unique Story

All companies are different. But we like to think we’re a little different to most. You see, as one of the world’s leading privately-owned businesses, we enjoy unusual levels of freedom when it comes to how we operate. It allows us to do business in a freethinking kind of way, and it means our culture is open and collaborative. We make it easy for good people to make great products. But we also do something more.

What you get here is high levels of responsibility, a variety of possibilities and the opportunity to improve things for everyone else along the way. To make everything you do mean more. That’s the way we’ve always worked. Discover Our Unique Story.

Everything to Make Your Work Mean More

No matter where you join us, we think you’ll find the work here challenging and interesting. You’ll get the tools you need to do a great job and you’ll have the best possible people  on your side to help you do it. You can look forward to ongoing opportunities for learning and development. Along with finding ways to do business better today than we did it yesterday, you also get to build a more enlightened business and drive sustainability. All of which is great for your career.

Freedom to Push the Boundaries

Working life here is never just about a single person, a single project or a single brand. It’s about how you can grab everything that’s within your reach at Mars and use it to pursue mutual, long-term gain. It’s about having ideas. And ideals. Being prepared to risk failure because the promise of success means we’ll all be better off.

It’s that mix of integrity and ambition that makes Mars a special place to work. And why working here is always about much, much more than just a job. Discover Our Brands.

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