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Mars CEO outlines support for Ukraine and calls for peace

Statement by GRANT F. REID, CEO & Office of the President at Mars

We are appalled by what is happening right now. In support of our Ukrainian Associates and their families, we've been working diligently to find them shelter, financial security, and aid. 



Mars is transforming the way we do business and innovating to drive positive change for people and the planet. We started in 2017, by launching Our Sustainable in a Generation Plan. With an initial $1 billion investment, we are focusing on three key areas — Healthy Planet, Thriving People and Nourishing Wellbeing. We have made meaningful progress to curb our environmental impact, improve lives in the workplaces, supply chains and communities where we work and help billions of people and their pets lead healthier, happier lives.

Learn more about our Sustainability Plan

Grant Reid NetZero

Mars Commits to Net Zero GHG Across Entire Business

By GRANT F. REID, CEO & Office of the President at Mars

We know we need to accelerate our plans and drive the critical change to protect the planet. It is our responsibility to tackle climate change and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain, and we will do it by 2050. 

Earth Day

3 Ways Mars is Driving Change in Sustainability

By ANDY PHAROAH, Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability at Mars

We have not lost sight of the critical action needed to tackle the climate emergency and address the health and sustainability of the planet. Learn how we’re investing our efforts.


At Mars, we’re united by our differences. Each day we have an opportunity to bring our full selves to work. And our company looks for ways to embrace diversity of thought, background, heritage to create a thriving workplace — and to support our efforts to build a sustainable, thriving world.

Learn more about our Inclusion and Diversity strategy

Vice President Stefanie Staub for International Women’s Day

Mother, wife, daughter, protector, leader, fighter: Woman

by STEFANIE STRAUB, Vice President & General Counsel

Women step up in a crisis, history tells us that. They step up for their families, for the people they work with, and when they need to, for their country. Right now, so many women are showing this resilience once again.


Female scientists in the lab holding signs about their work in STEM

Nurturing Curiosity: Key to Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in

By KAY O'DONNELL, Vice President, Waltham Petcare Science Institute

Today, the world of science is markedly more inclusive, yet we still have a long way to go. While the scale is certainly beginning to balance out, women still represent just 33.3 % of researchers globally. So, where do we go to build on progress from here?

Victoria Mars TL

How Mars is Amplifying the Voices of Women

By VICTORIA MARS, former Mars chairman

It will take the next 136 years to achieve women’s equality worldwide, according to the World Economic Forum. But what if women everywhere were heard, listened to, and we all collectively took action to change that? At Mars, that's the only path forward we see – and what led us to launch #HereToBeHeard, a groundbreaking global listening study that asked over 10,000 women, "What needs to change for more women to reach their full potential?" Join us to listen, learn, and do more.

Business Transformation

Building the world we want to see tomorrow starts with how we do business today — from product innovation to transforming the workplace to disrupting business as usual. In these ever-evolving times, we’re driven to transform our business by thinking big and acting boldly.

Abigail Stevens blog hero

Can Genomics Provide Food Safety For All?

At the recent Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, Mars joined the next generation of scientists to discuss how genomics could transform the future of food safety.

A veterinarian caring for a pet.

Investing $500 Million in People

By DOUG DREW, President, Mars Vet Health

Mars Veterinary Health North America, including Banfield, BluePearl, VCA and Antech, is investing in multiple projects over the next several years to adapt to the ever changing veterinary industry. Higher wages, better education, and a more diverse veterinary workforce is something the world, and our furry friends, need.


Talking about mental health at work

Now is the time to talk about mental health at work

By CATHRYN GUNTHER, Global Head of Associate Health & Wellbeing

As a global company with a workforce of 140,000 people, Mars can play a critical role in addressing and supporting a culture of mental wellbeing and serve as an exemplar across industries.

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