Conocé a nuestros Asociados
Conocé a nuestros Asociados

Conocé a nuestros Asociados

Lo que dicen nuestros asociados

Carolina Boragno
Production Planner, Mars Argentina
“Ser asociado de Mars es ser parte de un negocio con principios, trabajando en un clima colaborativo y de compañerismo.”
Fernando Rolandelli
Animal Protein Buyer, Mars Argentina
“En MARS me siento parte de un equipo súper comprometido y competitivo pudiendo lograr un gran balance con mi vida personal.”
Segundo Fernandez
Gerente de Ingeniería Industrial, Mars Argentina
“Ser asociado para mi es la posibilidad de aportar al crecimiento del negocio junto con mi equipo, y que ese crecimiento nos permita desarrollarnos.”

UB Fit 360° Wellbeing Program Energizes Associates in Olen

The Mars Food Wellbeing Team in Olen, Belgium, launched UB Fit in 2010. This program — made for Associates, by Associates — includes activities about nutrition and healthy eating, exercise, programs for children, and individual food consultation sessions. After just one year, more than 87 percent of plant Associates were involved in the program.

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Wrigley Spain Brings Out Their Workplace Culture

Back in 2011, Wrigley Spain launched a new vision: creating simple pleasures to brighten everyone’s day. To reach that goal, our Associates recreated their offices, adding bright colors, photography and an open floor plan to promote the Mars culture. Learn how it impacted their office culture and contributed to their success.

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Wrigley Taiwan Associates volunteered in their community to teach children about the importance of good dental health. The lessons included proper teeth brushing and oral health basics to help promote good oral care within the community.

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“Associates’ Day Out” Gives Mars Malaysia a Fresh Perspective

When management in Malaysia presented the idea of visiting cat owners at home to understand their views on cat ownership, Mars Associates pounced on the idea. Working with the market insights team, 45 Associates visited 15 consumers who are “pet parents” to a total of 39 cats.

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From Bean to Brew

Most of us take our morning coffee for granted, but the process that goes into making your favorite brew is anything but instant. Members of the Mars Ambassador took trip to Kenya and learned that making quality coffee is serious business.

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