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Our Associates are various, just like our vast and diverse brands. Explore why Mars China Associates enjoy going to work, learn about their opportunities to learn & grow, and see how they make a difference in their communities.


Wrigley General Manager
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Wrigley Portfolio Manager
“Mars is a great place to work, because the company always encourages my development, and I feel I am truly cared about at work and in daily life.”
2016 General Management Trainee
I know when needed, from team members, line managers, department heads to General Manager, I can ask any associate in Mars for suggestion and help. This is the most important reason why I love Mars.

Yue-Yue Wang: Traveling around farms in Southeast Asia to find the best cocoa


Traveling around cocoa farm in Southeast Asia from one to another, Yue-Yue Wang continues to make her own contribution to the sustainable development of cocoa farming. As one of the world's largest chocolate manufacturers, Mars constantly follows social issues such as aging cocoa trees and the life quality of cocoa farmers. In June 2014, Mars joined the CocoaAction campaign initiated by the World Chocolate Foundation and signed the agreement to support sustainable development of cocoa growing around the world. Yue-Yue Wang is devoted to choosing high quality raw cocoa that complies with sustainable production standards in order to encourage tenants to join cooperatives to learn advanced growing techniques, thereby increasing local cocoa production and farmers' income. Yue-Yue Wang is very proud of the achievement. "I have always wanted to work in sustainability and achieve success for the community and mankind. Mars' vision is consistent with mine."


Hao Wang: Work is not the only thing to be proud of at Mars


Since joining Mars China in 2012, Hao Wang has run more than 4,000 km and completed 20 full marathons, 8 cross-country races, 5 charity marathons, and a 100 kilometer cross-country run. The years of running are mainly related to the fact that he met a group of fellow runners in the Mars Running Club. "Years of running at Mars have taught me that run alone if you want to run fast, but run in a group if you want to run the distance." At Mars, Hao Wang has fufilled himself and made a difference by running.


Qian Zhang: Keep learning and not be afraid to start from scratch


Faced with new demand in the market, Qian Zhang is charged with redesigning the look of chocolate products. She had worked only in product development prior to the assignment. It is not easy for a senior manager with ten years of work experience to start from scratch in a new field. Therefore, she paid several visits to the design department of Mars Chocolate UK in order to learn from their experience. She mastered every details in the department in two years, and eventually built a fully capable design and packaging innovation team in Mars China. She says the core competency of a R&D Associate is the thirst for knowledge.


Jun Zhang: Support and recognition from other Associates make me happier than ever


From a sales trainee to a sales manager, customer manager and then national customer manager, Jun Zhang has been with Mars for eight years so far. He says the support and recognition from his superiors and other Associates and the culture of equality and freedom fill his days with happiness.


Iris HE: Mars shows me a bigger world


Iris visited another country for the first time when she worked on one of the Mars international projects in Australia. Since then, she started building a career working with Associates in different parts of the world. .She continued her journey to United States, France and Germany, busy yet excited. Iris says she enjoys visiting exotic places and meeting Associates from different backgrounds. The experience makes her better equipped to communicate with people from different cultures. The Mars international platform has broadened her horizon far beyond her imagination.


Mars Ambassador Program in Brazil: "I received smiles from the children."


Jacky He joined the Mars Ambassador Program he dreamed of after only eighteen months with Mars. He participated in a hope school project in Brazil. He worked with people from five countries in three continents to install computer equipment and software for schools and taught local children how to use them. During the program he experienced a lot. While helping others, he developed his own skills and implemented the Mars principles in the local area directly. He also had the chance to develop stronger ties with other Associates and with Mars. "In this era of globalization, you can never imagine which Associates from which countries you will work with. The world can be very big and very small at the same time. MAP, to me, provides resources as well as a platform."


MVP, using action to support charities

Lin Wu stayed in close contact with the Mars Volunteer Program for more than half of his nine years with Mars. The Mars Volunteer Program, also known as the "MVP Club/Ma Yi Tuan", was established in 2013. It operates eight offices across the country now. More than a thousand Associates participate in the charitable events every year and contribute more than ten thousand volunteering hours. As the head of the Mars Volunteer Program at Wrigley China, Lin Wu always work with others to find ways to recruit more members and to organize much better and more meaningful eventsattracting more participants. For example, the Happy Charity Run in 2016 saw the Associates from all over the country donate close to 200 million steps in three months. Lin Wu has not only experienced the joy of helping others through the Mars Volunteer Program, but also made many new friends. He also called for more Associates to join the program. "Join Mars and support charities for mutual benefits and for the good of both man and the earth! "