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Leadership Programs



We want all of our Associates to realize their full potential. We provide the programs, tools and opportunities that help Associates build the skills they need to succeed today and grow their careers at Mars across a lifetime. We’re proud to offer award-winning learning and development programs that are designed to help our Associates succeed. Check out how Mars University enables our Associates to continually learn and grow.


Our Associates’ learning begins with the Essence of Mars program. This introduces them to The Five Principles and explains how to apply them in their new life at Mars. We offer the Essence of Mars worldwide in 22 languages. Our target is for all new Associates to complete Essence of Mars within six months of starting at the company.


We believe that the people most qualified to solve the business problems of tomorrow are the Mars Associates of today — that’s why we seek to recruit, nurture and develop the best and brightest talent around. Our leadership development programs focus on building capability in six areas to enable Associates to become successful leaders, whether they are managing people for the first time or moving into a more senior role.

Great line managers are a key to our future success, so we have a strong commitment to hiring and developing great ones. Leadership@Mars is a three-part course that helps managers across the globe develop the skills they need at all points on their journey to senior leadership. Split into three parts, we’ve designed this program to equip all managers with the same cultural understanding, capabilities, competencies and behaviors:

  • Part I is the foundation of leadership, arming new line managers with the knowledge and skills to enhance the engagement and performance of every associate.
  • Part II strengthens the skills and abilities of experienced line managers
  • Part III trains mid-level leaders to apply creative and analytical skills to solve increasingly difficult business challenges.


We’re at our best when our Associates are happy and engaged. Our Engagement@Mars: Partners for Performance program helps Mars businesses to think about the impact that leadership has on Associates and understand how to get everyone more engaged. We’re off to a good start — so far, we’ve trained more than 150 people and organization Associates through this program.

Another program, Winning With Associates (WWA), helps us create a collaborative working culture. This program involves a two-day workshop designed to help Mars outposts clarify their vision and identify ways in which all Associates can be involved in making their work environment better. With these workshops, we are seeking the contribution of as many different people as possible.


Mars’ leadership should be visible and approachable at all levels. Every Associate should feel comfortable discussing their work or concerns with any colleague at any time. We want our decision-making to be collaborative — consensus is more important than authority.

To make sure we’re hearing from the people Mars depends on, we ask all Associates to participate in our Associate Engagement Survey, a Gallup survey measuring employee engagement and satisfaction. The survey's 12 core questions help us determine whether Associates feel equipped with the right level of knowledge, materials and opportunities; whether they feel listened to, encouraged, supported and rewarded; and whether they have opportunities to learn and grow. In addition, the poll ranks Mars’ companies on “follow through,” which measures their progress in creating a stronger, more engaged workplace. A high follow-through score has proven to be a great indicator of how involved, enthusiastic and committed our Associates are feeling.

Because our Associates have been so great at participating, we have been awarded the Gallup Great Workplace Award four times, including in the last three consecutive years. Our work with Gallup is helping to focus our development training for Mars leaders. Gallup research has identified “four needs of followers,” which are stability, trust, compassion and hope. Understanding these needs is part of our General Manager School leadership program, led through Mars University.