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As one of the world’s largest food companies, we are whole heartedly committed to raising food safety standards across the globe while offering tasty products. To do so, we must stay one step ahead and look for opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing that allow us to address the latest challenges facing the industry. That is why we partnered with Alibaba, the largest online and mobile commerce company in the world, to enhance e-commerce food safety and improve standards in online food shopping in China.

Online and mobile shopping are great ways for those who love our brands to access a broad selection of our products, especially popular among younger generations. Through our partnership with Alibaba, all of Mars’ brands in China, including Dove®, Snickers®, M&M’s®, Extra® and Pedigree®, will be available through e-commerce platforms. This allows those who love our products in China to enjoy a “one-stop” shopping experience. Mars will also tap into Alibaba’s expertise in marketing, media, mobile and supply chain management, as well as cloud computing and big data technologies to help build its brands and directly engage with Chinese consumers.

An additional aspect of this collaboration is a focus on food safety. Given new consumption trends, e-commerce and information technology have become increasingly relevant to food safety. The Mars Global Food Safety Center (GFSC) in China will work with Alibaba to enhance food safety management, promote consumer education and share the latest scientific research findings with industry stakeholders. Through our GFSC, we will be sharing the latest scientific research findings on food safety management to consumers on Alibaba’s platforms, to raise the bar for everyone.

“China’s younger generation is the new driving force of consumption. They rely more on online shopping, and also place greater emphasis on whether they can trust the companies behind brands and products. Mars meets these growing needs, not only because we prioritize product quality and have many well-known brands, but also through our efforts in helping elevate industry standards leveraging our industry leadership,” said Cecilia Li, Vice President and Managing Director of Wrigley China, a subsidiary of Mars.

We are confident we can make an impact through consumer education and collaboration across the industry. By partnering with Alibaba, we are finding solutions that improve both the consumer experience and food safety standards.