Our environment

Mars associates looking at a demonstration
A global company that offers surprising freedom.

Open-plan offices, approachable people, honest communication.

No walls. No borders. No limits to what’s possible. Our culture is based on open, honest communication. And we don’t let anything stand in the way of that. Literally. You see we got rid of private office spaces to create accessible environments way back in 1943. And it was one of the best things we ever did. So today no-one, and we really mean no-one, not even a single CEO, has a separate office.

Our approach works. And today you can see it working all around you, in all corners of the world. We’re based in more than 55 countries, operate out of more than 370 locations and do business on every continent. That business ranges from chocolate to petcare, drinks to symbioscience. And the professionals who drive it are experts in everything from finance to sales to engineering to human resources.

But walk into any Mars building, anywhere in the world, and you’ll find the same thing. Open space, open communication, approachable people talking the same language and working together in entrepreneurial ways, because they treat the business as their own. And even though we’re a very decentralized business, one that encourages decisions to be taken locally, once you’ve seen one Mars building you’ve seen them all.

We make a difference by putting our Principles in Action.

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