New Mars Factory Launched in Russia

Investments has exceeded 4 billion roubles

The opening ceremony for the 10th Mars production facility in Russia took place in the Rostov region. Vasily Golubev, Governor of Rostov region, and Victoria Mars, co-owner and Board Member of Mars, Incorporated, attended the launch of the first production line at the site.

“It was very important for us to become a South-Russian outpost of Mars, having won the competition for the project against other regions. The company and the regional Government ran like a clock: everything we agreed, when we signed the arrangement on The St. Petersburg Economic Forum two years ago, was implemented. Mars factory is a new industry for the Rostov region, what makes it an absolute rise in GRP[1] and in budget. With Mars opening the most advanced technologies appeared on the Don, - declared on the opening of the new factory Vasily Golubev, Governor of Rostov region.

About 20% of our customers live in the Southern region. Both Mars and Rostov region have been waiting for this occasion. Our pet food production is a promising new industry for the region. It will undoubtedly become one of catalysts for the development of the local agricultural sector – Valery Schapov, President of Mars Russia (Mars LLC), pointed out in his speech.

It is one of the Mars’s largest investments in the development of Russian production assets over the past 10 years. The facility will produce balanced pet food under Whiskas®, Kitekat®, Pedigree®, Chappi® and Sheba® brands. Every four hours a truck with finished products will leave the factory.

The number of pet owners feeding their pets with prepared food is growing annually in the south of Russia. Now their share totals 61.3%[2]. By the number of pets, the region is among the three most populous – more than 12 million dogs and cats live in the South of Russia, according to Mars data.

The company will purchase the main raw materials from local manufacturers (meat, poultry, grains, etc.). Currently, we conduct negotiations with manufacturers and test packaging materials.

The new factory is one of the country’s leaders in labor safety. We have lowered the noise levels and improved the lighting of working places. Special attention is paid to the culture of safety: training and practical skills training for a safe worktakes place from the first days of Associates' work.

The facility provides employment for more than 140 people. Most of them are residents of Novocherkassk and Aksay district. The average age of Associates is 30 years.

“The success of the company is determined by its Associates. Due to our team we can be sure in the future success of our new factory. In the course of training at Mars sites in other regions the team members made it clear – they are ready to launch the mechanism of the new factory” – Andrey Yakovlev, Plant Manager & Site Director of Mars factory in Rostov region, pointed out. 

Mars factory in Rostov region is an example of energy efficiency technology implementation. It was even at the planning stage when the company set ambitious goals for efficient use of resources.  

We have introduced more that 20 innovative technical solutions including a control system for all energy consuming blocks, new “smart” lighting of the security perimeter, re-use of 50% of water after the full-cycle treatment, special membranes for the roof tops to increase sunlight reflection, etc.

The factory meets the requirements of LEED international environmental certification standards. Most waste is reused and recycled. As at all Mars factories all over the world, the factory will not export produced waste to landfill (‘zero waste to landfill’).

The project is included tothe "Governor's Hundred" priority investment projects of the Don region. The company has plans for further production expansion in the region.

[1] Gross regional product (GRP)

[2]According to Mars data for the period from January to July 2017