Mars Russia signed the Confectionary Industry Self-Regulation code

The Code contains voluntaree additional obligations of confectionery manufacturers

Last Friday saw a milestone event in the confectionery industry. Leading market players – members of the Association of Confectionery Manufacturers (ASKOND) – signed the Code of Good Practice in the Confectionery Industry.

The Code of Good Practice is a kind of charter for confectionery manufacturers, which encourages fair and open competition among them. It sets forth additional requirements to marketing campaigns, information about products’ ingredients provided to consumers and traceability of raw materials.

The Code of Good Practice in the Confectionery Industry derives from the idea that ASKOND members are fair manufacturers with excellent reputation in the market and, therefore, can voluntarily undertake additional obligations and refrain from actions that could violate the rights of consumers and other association members.

The document signatories include UNICONF, Nestlé, Mondelēz, HARIBO – a total of over 30 large and medium-sized confectionery manufacturers. It took two years to draw up the code. It is worth noting that it was Mars that initiated the project as an industry’s pioneer in stamping and responsible marketing and supplier selection. In particular, the Code contains principles that Mars Associates have applied in their work for some time already. For example, the association members suggest refraining from advertising their products to children under the age of 12.

“The Code of Good Practice in the Confectionery Industry is an important, practical step towards self-regulation and a good sign that Russian manufacturers undertake additional responsibility for the quality of their products, provision of information about ingredients and nutritional value of their products, and the content of marketing campaigns. This approach is stricter than existing laws and we as a company are happy to be among those who implement it,” Maher Batrouny, General Manager at Wrigley Russia (subsidiary of Mars) said.

Today, the confectionery industry is tightly controlled by the government: there are dozens of regulations that must be applied and complied with. However, it is manufacturers’ goodwill and well-coordinated actions that guarantee the quality of their products.