Pets to get support from Mars Petcare and Rus food bank

Moscow, November 20, 2017. – Mars and the charity foundation named Rus Food Bank expand their cooperation supporting pets in pet shelters of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk and Rostov0on-Don. First 25 tons of petfood have already been delivered to almost 1700 pets in the Novosibirsk region.

“The initiative emerged among Mars Associates. It is our volunteers who accelerated the process. Now they are taking active part in the project,” – said Valery Schapov, Regional President of Mars Petcare in Russia. – Currentlyr, we focus on the regions where Mars factorieg are presente. Pets make our world better. They deserve better attitude towards them and, of course, a chance to live in a family. We are glad that our partners share our vision!”

“Hundreds of pets live in pet shelters, – said Victoria Krisko, Head of the Rus Food Foundation. – Volunteers have to solve a great number of problems: treatment, feeding, a place to stay. And the most important task is to find a new home for these pets. Helping to solve such a global task as providing them with daily feeding, we give volunteers an opportunity to look for new owners for cats and dogs. We are absolutely happy that Mars Petcare come forward with such an initiative!”

There are hundreds of thousands of homeless pets in different regions of Russia. They all need our care and feeding. Joint effort of business and society help both designate the problems and find efficient ways to solve them.  

Mars and the Rus Food Foundation are partners since 2016. Until recently, they handed out confectionery for charity to people of vulnerable groups all over the country. More than 65 tons of the company’s products have been sent to low-income families in 8 regions of the country.

Together with the foundation and the X5 Retail Group, Mars took part in the organization of Kindness Basket Food Marathons. The concept of the project is in the collection of food donations from consumers in the stores of the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Carousel retail chains in different regions of Russia.