Protecting our Associates safety and livelihoods at work 

Preventing the spread of the virus is paramount. That’s why we have put additional protocols and safety measures in place for our Associates.  

Since late February, we’ve placed restrictions on travel and meetings and have tens of thousands of Associates working from home. We have also restricted visitors to all our sites with exceptions only for people critical to operations, or to the safety of Associates, pets or products. In essential facilities, like factories, labs and veterinary hospitals, new health and safety procedures have been put in place, including social distancing, health screenings, additional site cleanings and strict use of personal protective equipment. 

We also have strict procedures in place for how to handle our clients and their pets in our 2,500 veterinary hospitals around the world. Where available, we offer teleconsulting or tele-triage services to pet owners and encourages them to utilize “curb side” drop-off appointments for their pets. 

We’re providing peace of mind by putting pay and benefit continuity principles in place. We have continued to provide income and benefits to all Associates, even those who needed time off due to illness, quarantine, temporary site closures or reductions in working hours. 

Increasing health benefits and wellbeing resources for our Associates  

Mars is aware of how many new challenges this pandemic is presenting for our Associates and their families, and yet each of our Associates is living a unique situation with its own complexities. So we’ve added benefits, wellness programs and have established new ways for Associates to directly reach resources for support and assistance in order to help them manage these new stressors and stay safe and healthy – both mentally and physically. Learn more about what we’re doing to support them.