Caramel M&M’S Candy – Creating the Tastiest Treat Ever – Mars, Incorporated


Delivering the biggest launch in M&M’S® history took creativity and collaboration from Mars Chocolate Associates across the U.S. It wasn’t just the caramel we stretched!

Learn more about how our Associates worked together to make the launch a success.

From New Jersey, to Tennessee, to Kansas,
to Sales teams across the nation...
we challenged ourselves and each other
to create the tastiest treat
you’ve ever tried.
Research & Development
“Since we introduced SNICKERS® in 1930,
Mars Chocolate has been the caramel expert.
It is very exciting to finally be able to
bring caramel and M&M’S together
as one delicious product.”
– Chithra, Director, R&D
Consumer & Market Insights
“Caramel is simultaneously traditional
and trendy, appealing to all age-groups
as nostalgic and comforting.”
– Stephanie, Director of Consumer & Market Insights
Product Development
“Making caramel M&M’S may seem
easy but it’s not. Caramel likes to flow,
not stay round like our other M&M’S
centers. Getting the ingredients and
recipe just right was important.”
– Nola, Senior Product Development Scientist
“We’re constantly looking
for new ways for our customers
and consumers to fall in love with
our products. I’m so proud of how
the team acted like owners to make
M&M’S Caramel a reality.”
– Jon, Process Development Manager
“M&M’S are a surprisingly
sophisticated treat. We knew
we had to deliver on the perfect
product our consumers told us
they wanted.”
– Matthew, Principal Scientist
Sensory Team
“At the end of the
day, any product we
develop needs to
deliver the product
experience our
consumers want.
I’m very proud to
work for a company
that takes consumers’
feedback seriously.”
– Astrid, Sensory & Product
Insights Manager
“Making this product wasn’t
easy, but neither was making
a product that ‘Melts in your mouth,
not in your hand.™’ Developing the right
recipe and manufacturing capability took
years to get right. We’re very proud!”
– Mark, Engineering Manager
“To manufacture one of the largest
launches in Mars Chocolate history
was challenging, exciting and
unbelievably rewarding. Through
cross-functional collaboration,
we have delivered yet another
great tasting product at scale!”
– Bret, Site Director, Topeka
“Seeing the first
pictures of the
displays in store
made me extremely
proud. I realized
that I played a small
part in the biggest
M&M’S launch ever.”
– Kim, Merchandising Manager
“We set out to excite our
consumers with amazing packaging,
displays and ads that bring the brand
to life. I am so proud to have been part of
the biggest launch in M&M’S history!”
– Caitlin, Marketing Manager, M&M’S
to the entire team!