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If you’re hungry for an opportunity that will stretch your perspective, challenge your thinking and develop your leadership capability, there’s every chance we’ll have a Graduate Development Program to suit you.

And whether you think your future lies in general management or you aspire to a leadership role in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Commercial, Technology, Customer Development, Marketing, Engineering, HR, R&D or Finance, you can be sure of one thing. With us, you’ll never be seen as just a number. Or even as just another graduate. You’re coming in to keep our success story moving forward, in all kinds of new ways. And that’s why we have a wide range of graduate programs available across the globe.

Regardless of your chosen path, the key word that underpins our Graduate Programs is development. You’ll have support from a mentor, senior manager or a graduate who’s “been there and done that” before. We’ll work with you to provide you with the opportunities to support your long-term goals. But, ultimately you’ll be the one in charge of your progress as part of the Mars way. In addition to driving your own progress, you’ll find yourself working in a unique environment where the approachability of our leaders, a lack of hierarchy and a sense of ownership and responsibility are hallmarks of our culture.

Read about the experiences of some of our Graduate Program alums.

  • Stuart’s Testimonial

  • Aneta’s Testimonial

    We gave new meaning to the freedom of the open road.

    Poland. Spain. Germany. The UK. You name it, we’ve been there. Or to be more precise, Aneta, our graduate has been there. So when we set out to re-think European logistics for our Petcare business, we knew just who to ask along. Aneta researched routes and suppliers, analysed our own transport systems, questioned conventional thinking and came up with ideas of her own. Which helped us build a brand new strategy. And when that new strategy went live, not only did our deliveries start running like clockwork, we saved €100,000 along the way. Aneta’s moved on now. Well she does like to travel. And it was only her first placement on our graduate programme. First she went on to buying, negotiating and managing supplier performance for some of our billion-dollar brands. And now she’s responsible for a €70m budget, and making sure materials are available on 12 different sites across Europe. So you see, when we say we’ll give you freedom and responsibility, now you know what we mean.

  • James’ Testimonial

    We found new ways to pounce on the mouse.

    We’ll go the extra mile to get results. Turns out that wasn’t far enough for our graduate James. You see, when we planned to take Whiskas marketing into the digital space, we aimed to click in the UK. But as a graduate of our Mars Management Development Programme, James was bolder. He wanted global buzz. And to build a powerhouse brand online. Who were we to argue? Strategy, PR, media planning, developing creative assets. You name it, James got involved in it. Forget the fact that he’d barely been with us for a year. Because along the way his work amassed an army of online fans. From all around the world. And he turned a project valued at £200k into a £2m one. Just goes to show, give people freedom and responsibility, and they’ll go further than you ever imagined.

  • Sam’s Testimonial

    Meet Sam Hopwood

    Completing my first year of the European Finance Development Program (EFDP) on an international assignment was an incredible learning experience. From my arrival, I was given a challenging level of responsibility working as a financial custodian to the business, whilst also having the freedom to pursue projects that broadened my financial knowledge. Working for a large global company like Mars provides great opportunities to experience different cultures and access unique learning possibilities. This year, I’ve worked in five countries, visiting three factories across eight Mars sites… and I have a local role. In my opinion, having the prospect to work abroad sets the EFDP apart from other graduate schemes. It has tested my ability to adapt and learn, helped me to build a network across Europe and given me a much greater perspective, all of which are very important for success within Mars.


There also are Mars Graduate Training Programs offered at many of our locations around the world, including Australia and the United Kingdom. Ask Human Resources or your Associate contact for more information. We’d love to tell you more about your specific location!


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Mars is invested in the future of our Associates. Our Graduate Training Program offers leadership training, whatever the chosen career path may be.