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Associates’ Day Out



Sometimes, the best way to learn about your business is to see it from the outside. That’s the premise behind Mars Malaysia’s “Associate’s Day Out,” which launched in 2011 and is still going strong.

Associates’ Day Out is now a regular feature on Mars Malaysia’s calendar, with Associates participating in various non-office activities designed to help them learn more about the business.

Our favorite “Day Out” was in 2013, when management presented the idea of visiting cat owners at home to better understand how Malaysian’s viewed cat ownership. Associates pounced on the idea. Working with the Market Insights Team, 45 Associates visited 15 consumers who are “pet parents” to a total of 39 cats.

Associates put their passion to work as they eagerly asked cat owners about how they bought cat food. By taking pictures in each house and asking questions about feeding and food storage, the Associates learned more about how owners treat their cats than they ever could have in the office.

“Hearing our Associates’ diverse observations and input was really fascinating and useful,” said Trisha Chew, Insights Manager. “We’ll definitely gather all of these facts and bring them to the next level. Hopefully, we can use some of the insights in developing the brand.”

Trisha wasn’t the only one who thought the initiative was valuable. “I found the session very interesting and I’m eager to see how I can apply the information toward gaining share for the dry cat food segment in the key accounts I serve,” said Tan Sook Ling, Assistant Key Account Manager.

Meanwhile, Christine Lim, Operations Director, said she thoroughly enjoys the Day Out activities and making the personal connection with consumers. “And I believe my co-workers felt the same way, judging from the high-energy workshop session we held afterwards to discuss our findings,” she said. “I’m looking forward to more of such activities!”

A Mars Malaysia Associate does in-home insight gathering on cat-owner behavior.