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Wrigley Spain’s Culture



Wrigley Spain has a vision — creating simple pleasures to brighten everyone’s day. To bring that vision to life in the workplace, our Associates recreated their office, adding bright colors and photography. Additionally, they switched to an open floor plan that better embodies the Mars culture of openness.

This new vision was about more than physical changes — it was about how our Associates connect and share perspectives. The management team members encouraged Associates to share their opinions at special town hall meetings and continually interact during their day-to-day work. Now, a wide group of Associates contribute to making leadership decisions during decision forums.

The changes worked. Over the past four years, a renewed, strong sense of purpose has helped Wrigley Spain climb the ranks of the country’s “Great Place to Work” list, rising from 56th to 5th place. Now, 93 percent of Associates in Spain now agree that their office is a “great place to work.”

We want to make sure they keep feeling that way. Each year, Wrigley Spain uses a special Gallup survey to discover ways to improve the way they engage Associates. The result is a workplace where Associates feel free to express their views and contribute their ideas. Wrigley Spain works hard to engage Associates who work remotely, such as Sales Associates who are out in the field.

Associates in Spain are as engaged with their communities as they are in their work. In 2011, 78 percent of Associates in the country carried out some form of voluntary work, either through the Mars Volunteer Program, the Mars Ambassador Program or through Wrigley Spain’s national and international volunteer programs. In one such program, 24 Associates and six dentistry students traveled from the European University of Madrid to Huanchaco, Peru — there, they participated in a nutrition and oral care-focused program at a local school, in collaboration with the Association for the Integration and Progress of Cultures (PANDORA).

Associates at Wrigley Spain collaborated to design a new, unique vision for life in their workplace.