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Pet-friendly Offices


Showing the Benefits of Pets in the Office

At Mars, we share a passion for pets, and we know how important they can be in adding a sense of comfort to the work environment, improve productivity and grow company morale. Pet-friendly policies allow us to help others grow their own passion for pets. Most of our offices now welcome pets, and we are working toward all Mars Petcare sites becoming pet-friendly with well-thought-out policies in place.

Scientific research has shown that pets have a positive impact not just on the pet owners themselves but the wider office environment. The benefits of pets in the office for pet owners, employers and pets has been backed up by a number of scientific studies and include:

  • Greater scheduling flexibility and a clearer conscience
  • Decline in stress levels for both human and pet
  • A larger pool of talent for Associates to hire from
  • Lower absenteeism at work
  • Increased productivity
  • A more collaborative working environment
  • Significant social benefits for pets

Learn more about the benefits in BANFIELD® Pet Hospital’s inaugural "Pet-Friendly Workplace PAWrometer” study.

The Policy in Action

We firmly believe that a thoughtful office pet policy not only makes for happier Associates, but ultimately happier pets — which remains central to everything we do. To ensure everyone has a positive experience with pets in the office, we make it our policy that all pets taken to work are well-trained, socialized and of course, toilet trained! The policy has been popular across our geographies.

BANFIELD Headquarters hosts an on-site, three-acre community dog park for Associates and the wider community. It not only offers regular exercise space, but also is a perfect venue for dog-related group activities.
Banfield Headquarters

Mars Petcare In Brazil
In Brazil, we are not just a pet-friendly office, but a welcoming one, too. We have recurrent guests that are very well-known by all Associates. They enjoy coming to work with their pets and make use of our “Pet Spot” space in the office. This space is fully equipped to make their stay better. It includes special surprises, such as toys, water, food and prizes. Mars’ Brazil office really makes a better place for pets at work.


Mars Petcare in Mexico
In Mexico, Associates enjoy the benefit of bringing their dogs to work. Divertiperro® (a pet-training association) evaluates our dogs’ temperaments to determine if they can socialize with other dogs in our beautiful garden area. Thanks to our pet-friendly policy and our unique workplace that’s been adapted for pets, our working hours are much more productive. We don’t have to worry about keeping our dogs home alone. They have a wonderful experience here at the office each day.


Mars Taiwan
Mars Petcare Taiwan recently organized a “dog obedience” training session for Associates and their dogs. A reputable dog trainer was invited to teach the basic principles of dog obedience and to help us get to know our dogs better.
Mars Taiwan

Mars Japan
Our offices in Mars Petcare Japan are designed to accommodate resident cats. There is a dedicated cat room with access to regular meeting room that cats can visit.
Mars Japan

Mars Russia
Our One Mars office in Moscow, Russia is equipped with a dedicated cat room, where four cats — our “sommeliers” from the Mars Pet Center — live. The Associates can not only visit them, but also adopt our small purring colleagues.
Mars Russia

BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Florida, U.S.A.
At BluePearl, our coworkers come in all different shapes and sizes, from tiny French Bulldogs to 150-pound Great Danes! Our Associates bring their dogs to our Tampa, Florida headquarters, where we have jars filled with treats placed in strategic locations throughout the building.

Our passion for pets goes beyond our work. In most Mars Petcare workplaces, we can bring our pets!