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Make a Difference



Across the globe, our Associates help make the world a better place by creating mutual benefits for our business and the lives we touch. They aren’t super heroes, but they are making a difference every chance they can. Individual Associates have the opportunity to build lasting, meaningful relationships in their communities through company-sponsored paid time off to volunteer.

Rewarding Good Work
At Mars, our Associates know that all actions – big or small – add up. When they generate positive change at Mars and in our communities, we take notice. We show our appreciation through the Mars Make the Difference Awards. The global award ceremony takes place every other year to celebrate Associates who put The Five Principles into action and bring innovative thinking, fresh perspectives and personal commitment to improving our communities, environment, workplaces and business.

These awards recognize the best of the best and help us share best practices across the organization. When we come together to recognize success, we’re able to create even greater mutual benefits for the lives and communities we touch.


The Mars Community Engagement Strategy focuses on two areas important to our business:

  • OPERATING COMMUNITIES: Helping to create thriving communities by promoting healthy, active lifestyles for people and pets, more sustainable use of natural resources, and supporting disaster response and resiliency
  • ORIGIN COMMUNITIES: Supporting value-chain equity by promoting human rights, empowerment and poverty alleviation across our supply chain

Mars Associates worldwide take great pride in participating in our community engagement programs, the Mars Ambassador Program and the Mars Volunteer Program, to make a difference in these communities.

We love this program, because it creates opportunities for Associates to understand the communities that are critical to the Mars business — all while sharing skills that help advance the goals and objectives of our partners. We’re proud to say that we support both our operating and sourcing communities.

We keep our Associates engaged long after they return home by extending their in-country experience. By giving them every opportunity to tell their MAP story, Associates get to share their experiences, connect with others and serve as champions for the program.

“All of our Associates are encouraged to act as responsible and responsive citizens of their communities through support of and involvement in projects, organizations and services which work towards the common good and improvement of their community and society. Our business units are also expected to act as responsible corporate citizens through support of appropriate nonpolitical and non-sectarian projects, organizations and services.” — Forrest E. Mars, Jr. and John F. Mars, in a December 1989 letter to all Associates.

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The Mars Volunteer Program

The Mars Volunteer Program (MVP) is one of many development opportunities that empower our Associates to learn, build, dream and develop our future – specifically for the community and for themselves. Each Mars Associate is given two days off each year to build strong relationships within our community by putting the Five Principles into action. They often volunteer at local organizations near their worksite, giving back to their own neighbors.

Discover our efforts with the Mars Volunteer Program

Each year, Mars Associates donate more than 1,000 hours of community service to help reinvigorate the communities in which we live and work.