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Mars Ambassador Program



The Mars Ambassador Program (MAP) enables eligible Associates to develop their skills and capabilities while building great partnerships worldwide.

MAP offers Associates a chance to lend their expertise to organizations and communities across our value chain. Participating in MAP is a life-changing experience that connects Associates with communities and enables them to learn about the issues we face as a business as they develop leadership competencies in real-life situations. Each year we make sure to track the impact of our Mars Ambassador Program assignments to ensure that our Associates, their managers and partner organizations are getting the most out of every engagement. Below are some key facts from the 2016 program:

  • MAP participant feedback: 82% strongly agree and 17% agree that their job satisfaction has improved as a result of their participation in MAP, 70% strongly agree and 30% agree that participating in MAP improved or developed their skill set.
  • Line Manager feedback: 50% strongly agree and 45% agree that their Associates participation in MAP contributed to their overall professional development, 65% strongly agree and 30% agree that the engagement levels of their Associates who participated in the program increased upon return from their assignment.
  • Partner organization feedback: 100% of partner organizations were either very satisfied or satisfied with the service they received from their assigned ambassador.



A group of Ambassadors spent a week in Puerto Rico helping with the rebuild of a shelter that was acquired by The Puerto Rico Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in 2015. Through the team’s efforts, the shelter is able to better care for animals and improve their quality of life. The assignment taught the group valuable lessons on how to work as a team in challenging conditions.


Vamsi Bhargav Jagarlapudi (from Mars Petcare, India) had the opportunity to work with TATA trusts and The Akshaya Patra Foundation on an assignment for 4 weeks in India. The project he worked on aims at preparing and distributing four meals a day from a centralized kitchen to a number of residential schools of the Tribal development department of Maharashtra. Vamsi helped in the optimization of their value chain to prepare and supply meals within the allocated budget. He rolled out various cost effective techniques in identifying vendors/manufacturers for sourcing the required vegetable, milk and milk products, idli batter and meat. He initiated supplies for various healthy snack options and participated in the tasting trials with personal of the Akshaya Patra Foundation. Finally, he designed a distribution model between the centralized kitchen and the linked schools to assure minimal distribution cost and lead-time. 


A group of Mars Ambassadors worked with students on the design and implementation of an energy audit in a school in Bucharest, Romania.  The team measured the school’s use of electricity, heating and light and identified opportunities for the school and students to increase conservation. Addressing environmental education through a hands-on project enabled the Ambassadors to bring learning and energy savings to the students and the school in a meaningful way.  In order for learning to continue, students of various ages participated in the program with the expectation that they will teach the audit process to future students, thereby creating sustainability for the program. In addition, students and Ambassadors created a template for energy audits that the municipality can use and roll out across its education system, increasing the impact of the program through ongoing energy conservation and cost savings.


Jerry Whittle from Mars Chocolate worked on the origin program, conducted between Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA), that focuses on extending our Sustainable in a Generation best practices through their supply chain. While in Kenya, he completed a tea factory energy audit and provided training for the factories on energy management/climate change mitigation. He also helped in the monitoring and the evaluation of their energy consumption.



Product Specialist, Mars Petcare Brazil
Ambassador to: Waltham HAI, United Kingdom

What she did:

During her five-week assignment, Thacia had the opportunity to immerse herself in the fascinating field of Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) and learn first-hand how it and other research is carried out at the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition. As a result of the experience, she was able to give WALTHAM a great communication tool to be used with different markets around the globe, in order to demonstrate how the center’s research and expertise can better our business. ...

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Food Academy Manager,
Mars Food United States,
Ambassador to: Project Markhor, Pakistan

How will you incorporate your learnings from your assignment into your role at Mars?

I have the privilege of being in a position to influence what will become “foundational knowledge” for all Food Associates through the Food Academy. This experience shaped my perspective of what is foundationally important for all of us all to know about rice sustainability and rice production in general, and I’ll be bringing this knowledge and perspective into the program. The actual hands on learning experiences and design of the in classroom learning will also influence how I think through curriculum design — taking what worked and didn’t work into account when I’m helping to create programs to engage and inspire Associates. ...

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Training & Capital Efficiency Manager,
Mars Chocolate North America United States
Ambassador to: Indonesia

What was the most unexpected, yet impactful, experience of your trip?

The most impactful experience of my trip is the encounter we had with the little old man who came to deliver a bag of wet cocoa beans to the Wotu bean buying station. Our group had just learned about the quality check process and how beans that passed the sample check with a lower amount of debris qualified for a higher payment to the farmer. This was the first delivery of the day and we all eagerly watched the quality check process and crossed our fingers hoping that this nice little man would get the most money for his delivery. We cheered when we found out that his beans qualified his delivery for the premium price! Annette went to our bus and grabbed two bags of Peanut M&M’S® and handed them to the old farmer before he left. That could very well have been his first taste of chocolate and it was neat to have that experience as it helped us understand the individual impact cocoa farming can have. ...

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Senior Manager CMI, Wrigley United States
Ambassador to: Mars Food

What is your favorite memory from your trip?

We had spent an entire week developing a curriculum to teach children about health & nutrition and the joy of cooking. My favorite moment was during the cooking session with the kids when we piloted our program.  After they prepared the meal they all tucked in and were able to taste what they had created. I’ve never seen so much joy on the faces of so many children so proud of their accomplishments, much less seen so many kids go back for seconds of a vegetable dish!  The moment was capped off when two of the boys asked if they could get a selfie with me! ...

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