Cats Know What They Want, Mars Petcare Research Shows
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Cats Know What They Want, Mars Petcare Research Shows

At Mars, we pride ourselves on providing quality products to the people and pets that love our brands. We achieve that by dedicating efforts to studies and research to help inform the development of our products and the technology applied to creating each of them. Most recently, Mars Petcare checked in with some of our favorite fans – cats – to uncover more about their dietary preferences.

On June 15, Mars Petcare released the results of research showing just how important quality nutrition is to our furry friends. The finding? Cats can’t be fooled – while food flavor is important for initially attracting them, flavor alone will not retain cats in the long term. Nutrition is a very important factor in a cat’s food choice.

Scientists at WALTHAM Centre of Pet Nutrition, Mars Petcare in conjunction with the University of Sydney, conducted a series of studies that offered cats food with various rations of fat and protein, flavored with fish, rabbit, or orange. At first, the cats showed preference based on flavor, with a particular preference for fish. But, over time, they selected foods in order to reach a target ratio of protein and fat, regardless of flavor. These findings, along with continued research, help us find innovative ways to create great foods that cats love. 

“This research has enabled Mars Petcare to understand more about developing foods for cats with both appealing flavors and the appropriate nutrient composition that ensures cats continue to eat foods in the long-term. This in turn feeds into what we already know about nutrition – and through our brands such as WHISKAS, SHEBA and ROYAL CANIN we are committed to developing pet foods that first and foremost ensure cats have access to the right nutrition in a format they enjoy,” said Adrian Hewson-Hughes from the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition at Mars Petcare.

Our quality commitment states, “The standard is very simple: put yourself in the position of the consumer, and if you wouldn’t be happy with what you’re going to give them, don’t give it to them.” This new understanding of cat food choice enables Mars Petcare to develop cat food that has both appealing flavors and the appropriate nutrient composition to satisfy picky felines and keep them healthy.

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