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Mars, Coke and BSR Join Forces for Climate Resilience

News from the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit: Mars has joined BSR™’s (Business for Social Responsibility™) new corporate leadership platform, The Climate-Resilient Value Chains Leaders Platform, to help companies in the fight against climate change. 

Together with The Coca-Cola Company, Mars is among the first multinational corporations to join, with the aim of improving the ability of businesses to monitor and diagnose climate risk throughout their supply chains. “Supply chains, the engines of global growth, are broken,” said Barry Parkin, Chief Sustainability and Procurement Officer, Mars, Incorporated.  “To fix them, we must shift to long-term models for corporate buying that are anchored on building mutuality, reliability, resilience, and risk management into the core of our buying patterns.” 

Participating companies have committed to develop shared tools and methods that help them prioritize climate resilience in corporate value chains. This includes efforts to investigate physical climate risks in their supply chains and explore how to build climate resilience through a science-based approach that draws lessons from the Science-Based Targets initiative and RE100.

“These companies are coming together out of a shared understanding that the private sector requires a common, science-based approach to value-chain resilience that will maximize the benefits to communities and business,” said David Wei, Climate Director at BSR. “Fortifying supply chains is one of the best ways that companies can act to mitigate climate change-related impacts.”

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