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When it comes to the workplace, the human need for acceptance and inclusion is more than a feeling—or a matter of leadership simply checking ethical boxes. Consider:

  • Inclusive work-cultures are six times likelier to be more innovative than peer companies without an inclusion focus.
  • People who work for inclusive leaders report 81% improved workplace performance compared to those working in a non-inclusive environment.
  • Associates in a diversity-centric environment claim an 86% higher engagement and creativity rating.

It’s clear: an inclusive and diverse culture makes sense for everyone involved.

That’s why we’ve chosen to pilot our newest Inclusion & Diversity initiative—I Can Be Me— in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia (AMEA), a growing region with 3,900 Associates, representing 70 nationalities in 95 countries. Thanks to the strength of our Associates’ diverse backgrounds, I Can Be Me Me helps foster our best and brightest minds by ensuring an inclusive environment where they can flourish.

I Can Be Me centers around four inclusive behaviors that form the backbone of creating an open and accepting environment.

  • Understanding: encouraging Associates to be self-aware and to take time to get to know team members and other Associates
  • Fairness: taking an unbiased approach; creating fair-minded interactions with others and welcoming contribution from all
  • Trust: building an environment where Associates feel free to have open and honest conversations, where everyone feels at ease to make contributions
    • Flexibility: allowing for healthy work-life balance to maximize Associate creativity; minimizing unnecessary work and focusing on clear responsibilities for clearer outcomes

“Supporting inclusion and diversity by respecting and celebrating both our differences and our similarities is just who we are at Mars,” says Fadilah Amir-Hamzah, Corporate Affairs Manager, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, AMEA. “We want to create a culture where Associates can be themselves… where they feel appreciated, valued, included and proud to come to work every day.”

I Can Be Me begins and ends with each Associate. Our Associates become part of the I Can Be Me movement by:

  • Understanding what it means to be inclusive
  • Thinking about how inclusive actions are linked to personal performance and the success of our entire company
  • Living inclusively; celebrating the differences in others
  • Living authentically as themselves

I Can Be Me is rooted in our Five Principles and our global Inclusion & Diversity Manifesto. It acknowledges the multi-faceted lives of our Associates, and aims to inspire and engage Associates with a workplace where each person has equal opportunities. This way, all Associates can thrive and contribute to the success and growth of the business by bringing their best and most authentic selves to work.

Our strong focus on Inclusion & Diversity is just one more element that helped land us at #3 on the Great Place to Work® 2018 World’s Best Workplaces list! Interested in joining our inclusive and diverse workplace? Find out more here!