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Engaging with the iGeneration

Millennials make room: Generation Z is here and (almost) ready to enter the workforce. Also referred to as the iGeneration, this group is high-tech and highly connected. In fact, some see Gen Z as the first truly global generation, thanks to a digital era that introduced them to peers worldwide. And as a global brand, we think this group will offer a fresh perspective to help propel us into the future.

That’s why we’re taking time to introduce teens to the way we do business, like at GEWINN InfoDay in Austria—an event that brings 6,000 students and teachers from all over the country to the largest business conference for students over the age of 16. The event gives students the opportunity to interact with company CEOs and industry experts in business, politics and the media.

Andreas Dialer, GM Multisales Austria, took to the podium alongside other industry leaders to discuss science, technology, economics and what‘s helped us rank on the Fortune Magazine’s World’s Best Workplaces list seven years in a row (and move up to the #3 ranking in 2018).

“It was a fantastic opportunity to share our plans to accelerate growth in a way that positively impacts the world with potential future Associates,” Andreas said.

“We discussed what they expect from global organizations like Mars and it was encouraging to hear that the way we do business matters to them—what we stand for, our values and long-term goals.”

What’s important to Generation Z is at the core of our culture and Five Principles:

  • Gen Z wants to be empowered by their employer in both their professional and personal lives. Projects like paid time off to volunteer through the Mars Volunteer Program and Mars Ambassador Program resonates with students looking to give back in new ways.
  • Gen Z’ers have environmental change on their minds, just like we do. With our Sustainable in a Generation Plan, we’ve invested $1 billion to drive our focus on healthy planet, thriving people and nourishing wellbeing. We’re wasting less today for a better world tomorrow, and extending success to everyone in our value chain.
  • For a generation born into technology, innovation is also important. As a family-owned company, we have the freedom to invest in science that helps solve long-term challenges that positively impact people, pets and the planet.

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