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The goal sounds simple enough: do the right thing at the right time to ensure the best possible outcome for every pet. But delivering veterinary care can be complex. Pets can’t tell you what they’re feeling…or where it hurts…or what caused their symptoms. And they come in hundreds of breeds, each with its own set of health issues.

So several years ago, our Banfield Pet Hospital set out on a quality journey, something never done on this scale in veterinary medicine. We began by launching our Quality Declaration — a statement of our commitment to quality and a call to action for each of our Associates: Care Big for their patients. Be Courageous in the work they do. And Deliver Excellence every day.

From building a culture of safety to developing best-in-class Medical Quality Standards, our journey has been an exciting one, but it’s not done because quality is the relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Quality doesn’t just live with our veterinary professionals; it’s everyone’s responsibility,” said Dr. Daniel Aja, our chief medical officer. “Quality is how we show up for every pet, every time.”

Last fall, we hosted our first-ever Quality Week, to celebrate and focus on every aspect of our quality journey. Throughout the week, Associates participated in guided daily discussion topics and engagement activities.


As the largest general veterinary practice in the country, we don’t define quality as a program or a project. It isn’t the responsibility of one Associate, one hospital or even one team. Quality is a way of thinking about what Associates do every day. It’s how we approach work, solve problems, and implement new programs and show up for those we serve: pets, clients and each other.

“Every day, we see the positive impact people have in the lives of pets, and the transformative effects pets, in turn, have on the lives of people,” Dr. Aja said. “This is why we got into veterinary medicine in the first place.”

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